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About Us

The idea of starting a website of Shivalli Brahmins, which was conceived in April 2007. When we discussed about this website with the Honorable Sri Sri Vishvesha Theertha Sripaadangala of Sri Pejavara Adhokshaja Matha, Udupi, he wholeheartedly blessed us. Sri Sri Vidyaprasanna Theertha Sripaadaangala of Sri Subramanya Matha has also agreed to provide us with his unprecedented guidance. With the blessings of all seers from all our Mathas, this website inagurated on 05/08/2007. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of them, without whom this website would never have been possible. We can now confidently say that we have the support and encouragement of all our Gurus and elders.

As we know, NRI Shivalli Brahmin friends, have no facilities to gain knowledge about our traditions. Even books that convey such information are not sufficiently available as a whole together. It is also tough for them to find time to read these books. They have nobody to clear their doubts regarding our traditions and religion. Thus, the serious lack of knowledge of our values, traditions, etc. among them has led to a feeling that they are moving away from our culture. At the same time, a lot of interest has been noticed, especially among the youngsters, to learn and follow our traditions.

A number of books on the Tulu Shivalli Brahmin language, traditions, achievements, history, etc. have been published, but are not reaching everyone. In today’s world, the only medium available to everybody is the Internet. We have established this website with the aim of spreading the knowledge about our culture, traditions, religious practices and their importance; providing people with the information they are looking for; bridging the gap between the people of our community through discussions and bringing everyone close together, irrespective of the place they reside in.

To enable good progress and usefulness of this website, it is very essential to have the guidance of our gurus, elders and scholars. So we request you to openly send your opinions, suggestions and advice to the organizers. We expect your continuous encouragement and cooperation.

The sense of accomplishment that accompanies the successful completion of any task would be incomplete without the mention of people who made it possible and whose constant encouragement and guidance has been a source of inspiration. There are numerous people who have contributed in their own ways for the establishment of this website. Even though it is not possible to mention all of them, it is our duty to mention a few of them.

We are indebted to Vedamurthy Sri Venkataramana Upadhyaya of Erki Matha, Vedamurthy Sri Lakshminarayana Acharya of Karinja and Sri Ranganatha Ungrupulithaya of Puttur for their suitable suggestions and directions.

We also like to express our gratitude to Eratadi Sri Harinarayana Acharya of Ramakunja, Kodila Sri Harishankara Muchinthaya of Ramakunja, Sri Balachandra Kudrethaya of Dharmasthala, Sri Mahesh Elyadka of Puttur and Kumari Reesha Padmanabh of Bangalore, for their continuous help and contributions.

Another supporting pillar of our website is Sri Narahari Upadhyaya. He has spent a lot of his precious time for the development of this website. We would like to convey our special thanks to him.

We would also like to thank Ananda Balaga of Bangalore for its direct and indirect help. We are grateful to all our elders and well wishers for their suggestions and advice, and everyone who has contributed to the success of this website. We request you to continue your support in the same way.

shivallibrahmins.com is a website that belongs to all of us. The organizers and editorial board form only a small fraction of it. This website is meant to contain overall information about our community. But right now, we have presented only that information that is available to us. So we cannot claim that the information provided is complete. This is also because of difference of opinions regarding some details. Hence, we request you to provide us with as much information as possible.

You can browse through this website whenever you are free, and gain knowledge about our lifestyles and traditions. Also, it is important to practice all these aspects in our daily lives, as much as possible. If this happens, then there is no doubt that our hard work has been rewarded. One more significant thing to be noted here is that, our traditions should not end with us. It is our responsibility to transfer this knowledge to the next generation. So let us keep up our culture and traditions.

Kaale Varshathu Parjanyah
Prathivee Sasya shaalinee |
Deshoyam Kshobha Rahithaah
Sajjanah Santhu Nirbhayaah ||
Lokaah Samasthaah Sukhino Bhavanthu ||
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi ||

Holy Blessings and Guidance

Sri Sri Vidya Prasanna theertha Swamiji,
Samputa Nrusimha Mutt,


1.Surya Prakasha Udupa,
‘Pranamya’, Kaje house,
Alangar Village and Post, Puttur Taluk, D.K.
Phone : 263188 [08251]
Mobile : 9449529215
Email : suryaudupa@shivallibrahmins.com

2. K. Ranjith Yadapadithaya
#96/11, I floor, II house, Minivilla
Borevell road, Whitefield, Bangalore – 66
Mobile : 9591994646
Email : ranjith@shivallibrahmins.com

Editorial Board:

1. Dr. Sathyanarayana Acharya,
Poornaprajna VidyaPeet, Bangalore.

2. Dr. Padmanabha Kekunnaya

3. Shri K. V. Erkadithaya
President, Akhila Bharatha Madhva Maha Mandali

4. Dr. Kabbinale Vasantha Bharadvj
Prasaranga, Karnataka State Music and Performing Arts University,

5. Dr. Balachandra Achar Hejamadi
Professor & Head
Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology & Management
Vishwothama Nagar, Bantakal, UDUPI – 574115, Karnataka
Email: hvbachar@gmail.com

  1. subramanyam

    how to identify which is saligrama & which is black stone(soft stone) pls help me

  2. Abhilash

    On 23rd May of 2010 at Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Brahmasena is arranging various programs which include Brahma Chauryasi, 1008 Mass Janoi as well as Bhoomipujan (Land worshiping) of Parshuramdham. For world peace there will be chanting of 1 crore and 8 lakh Gayatri Mantras. On this grand occasion 3 lakh Brahmins will get together for the first time in the history of the world on one platform.

    Brahmsena has been established with the aim to bind the Brahmins as bead of one string. From all over Gujarat this Brahmin Organization is gathered without any political intentions and agendas.

    In order to make Brahmins live with respect and dignity Brahmsena is and will be regularly arranging such activities. On this occasion Brahmins from various part of the world will be enlisted and amongst 108 Brahmins will be dignified by “BRAHMRATNA” award. The shubhmuhrat of this program has been announced with the support of well renowned Karmakandi Brahmins.

    Furthermore, the responsibility of the entire occasion is given to well renowned Brahmins and government employees. For this program efforts are made to invite all the dignified Brahmins from all over India.

    Even the invitation is carried out to the well known film stars for this occasion. In addition there will be grand organization of well renowned Karmakandi Brahmins and list of all children will be created from entire Gujarat. More than three lakh Brahmins present on one stage
    It self will be a matter of valor. There is nowhere till now 1008 Mass Janoi together on one platform which again is a matter of pride in itself. In order to make the occasion unforgettable on the ground of Bhavnagar Brahmsena will work with full enthusiasm and commitment.

    Offices are established all over Gujarat regarding this occasion. Bhavnagar will be decorated as a bride as well as for guest transportation facility provided along with helicopter.

    Founder and President of Brahmsena Shri Bhavesh Rajyaguru appeals that, “this occasion is for all Brahmins of India. Brahmsena and I are just in charge of it but this is for all Brahmins, therefore instead of any criticism, dispute and jealousy lets work together for the Success of the occasion”. He also confirms that to make this occasion and its organizational effort a grand victory Brahmsena also have decided that no one from political field will be included in any of the committee.

    More than 2000 volunteers have started to contribute their time & energy for this occasion. If there is any query regarding this then kindly contact to our office at 5th Floor, President House, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad.

    Please pass on this message to all Brahmin in world wide and co-operate to brahmin samej

  3. nagaraj.paduthonse


  4. Dr.Guruprasad

    Dear sir,

    Thia is the nice work you are doing.Please continue that .You can add some of the books of Acharya madhwa & other authors.

    In the profile of Great Acharyas why Dhri Vadiraja Swamy of Sode matha is not added…..?????

  5. K V RAO

    I want to know about performing POOJA in a simple way. Is thee any book available? Or what about the procedure?

  6. Manmohan Katapadi rao

    I really liked the website. Inchi edde karya soothu bhari santhosha anu. Keep adding more details to the site. You probably should also give appropriate links to buy, books, pictures and audio’s. Also may link to other similar shivalli associations.
    Manmohan Katapadi
    Columbus, USA

  7. Hariprasad

    Please Update this Site.

  8. Raghavendra Madhur Ramachandra

    Dear Sir,

    I got lots of information about the shivalli brahmins, please keep the momentum and continue the same. If you need any help from my side please write a mail to me i provide any help you required, though i am software engineer.

    Thanking you,
    Raghavendra M.R

  9. Keshav Bhatt

    Dear Sir,

    I got lots of information from this website. Most of thime i spent out of India (Working in ship as a Subsea Engineer).

    Please keep this website updated

    Thanking you,

    Keshav Bhatt

  10. Harish Bairy

    Its a very good work. I got so many information.
    Jai Sri Ram.

    thank u,
    Harish Bairy.

  11. Nagaraja R Upadyaya


    I want Ganesh chouthi festivals information.
    (ganesh chouthido mahatva)

    Nagaraja R Upadyaya

  12. amitha

    iam amitha ..my date of birth is 22-03-1978… when is my marriage plz tell me my

  13. amitha

    iam amitha ..my date of birth is 22-03-1978… when is my marriage plz tell me my

  14. Malathi

    mAY OFFER YOU A LINK IN OUR WEBSITE http://www.parivarthan.com which is fast upcoming ?

  15. Arun.D

    Respected Sir

    Please help me regarding , raw materials used in manufacturing Dhoop. from ancient
    literatures .



  16. Veena

    Is there any auspicious day in January 2011 for New Office.
    Pls reply.


  17. Balachandra

    @ Ms. Veena

    You should consult an astrologer / purohit with your janma nakshatra and other details.

  18. Rob Rasner Comic

    Hello! I’ve been reading the web site About Us | Shivalli Brahmins for a long time now and finally have the courage to go forward and give you a hello out from New Caney Tx I would like to tell you carry on your good job? BTW my best prayers to the people at atomic plant we hope your are ok along with safe 🙂 All the best Rob Rasner Comic

  19. Hariprasad BP

    Respected Sir
    Please help me of my job .

  20. Seetharama Varamballi

    We are blaming Westerners ( eg. recent case of Lisa Blue of Australia misusing picture of Lakshmi – of course she has apologized) of misusing our Divine Pictures but sadly I am seeing many devout Brahmins wearing Shalyas with Holy Pictures & Writings like Bath Towel & using like bath towel. This is very much prevalent in Udupi dist. & there was no positive response by such people to my pointing-out this. Keeping Philosophy aside this is unacceptable from a Common Man’s point of view. I hope this matter will be taken up in appropriate forum to put an immediate halt to this bad practice.