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Bhagavadgeeta Verse 2.30

दॆही नित्यं अवध्यः अयं दॆहॆ सर्वस्य भारत
तस्मात् सर्वाणि भूतानि न त्वं शॊचितुं अर्हसि ॥ २.३० ॥

ದೇಹೀ ನಿತ್ಯಂ ಅವಧ್ಯಃ ಅಯಂ ದೇಹೇ ಸರ್ವಸ್ಯ ಭಾರತ
ತಸ್ಮಾತ್ ಸರ್ವಾಣಿ ಭೂತಾನಿ ನ ತ್ವಂ ಶೋಚಿತುಂ ಅರ್ಹಸಿ || ೨.೩೦ ||

dEhee nityaM avadhyaH ayaM dEhE sarvasya bhArata
tasmAt sarvANi bhUtAni na tvaM shOchituM arhasi || 2.30 ||

The dweller in the body is ever indestructible; O Bharata, He is in the body of everyone. Therefore you should not grieve for any creature.

In the body of everyone, He (the Lord) stands as the protector; so the soul who dwells in the body is ever indestructible. Therefore since the Lord stands there as the protector and consequently the soul cannot be annihilated, you have no reason to grieve for any being.

This verse needs to be carefully explained.

bhArata, sarvasya dEhE ayaM (tishtati) = Arjuna born in the family of Bharata, Shri Hari dwelling the sthula deha, linga deha and svarupa deha of jIvas, protects the jIvas.

This part is incorrectly explained by advaita school as jIva in singular being referred to as being present in all bodies and thereby proving identitu of jiva and Brahman.

dEhee nityaM avadhyaH = jIva is eternally indestructible (as Shri hari Himself protects as given above).

tasmAt tvaM sarvANi bhUtAni shOchituM na arhasi = Therefore Arjuna you should NOT grieve over jIvas and you are not fit for this grief.

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