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Bhagavadgeeta Verse 4.11

यॆ तथा मां प्रपद्यन्तॆ तान् तथैव भजामि अहम् ।
मम वर्त्मा अनुवर्तन्तॆ मनुष्याः पार्थ सर्वशः ॥ ४.११ ॥

ಯೇ ತಥಾ ಮಾಂ ಪ್ರಪದ್ಯಂತೇ ತಾನ್ ತಥೈವ ಭಜಾಮಿ ಅಹಮ್ |
ಮಮ ವರ್ತ್ಮಾ ಅನುವರ್ತಂತೇ ಮನುಷ್ಯಾಃ ಪಾರ್ಥ ಸರ್ವಶಃ || ೪.೧೧ ||

yE tathA mAM prapadyaMtE tAn tathaiva bhajAmi aham |
mama vartmA anuvartaMtE manuShyAH pArtha sarvashaH || 4.11 ||

As they (whether wise or not) resort to Me, so do I serve them (as per their wish and capacity); O Partha, men are all following the path of Mine. (all duties are directed towards the Supreme God, all offerings are also accepted by Him.)

According to what people seek My grace for, whether with the hope of release (moksha), or with the desire of attaining swarga, or with desire of gaining short term benefits, whatever may be it, I bestow upon them only such things as they wish for, based on their knowledge and merits, but never differently from what they deserve.

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