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Bhagavadgeeta Verse 4.35

यत् ज्ञात्वा न पुनः मॊहं एवं यास्यसि पाण्डव ।
यॆन भूतानि अशॆषाणि द्रक्ष्यसि आत्मनि अथॊ मयि ॥ ४.३५ ॥

ಯತ್ ಜ್ಞಾತ್ವಾ ನ ಪುನಃ ಮೋಹಂ ಏವಂ ಯಾಸ್ಯಸಿ ಪಾಂಡವ |
ಯೇನ ಭೂತಾನಿ ಅಶೇಷಾಣಿ ದ್ರಕ್ಷ್ಯಸಿ ಆತ್ಮನಿ ಅಥೋ ಮಯಿ || ೪.೩೫ ||

yat j~jAtvA na punaH mOhaM evaM yAsyasi pANDava |
yEna bhUtAni ashEShANi drakShyasi Atmani athO mayi || 4.35 ||

Having gained the knowledge (to be imparted to you) you shall not again fall into this confusion, O Pandava. Hence by that knowledge you shall see all beings without exception, in Me, the Atman (the one who sits within all beings and actuates them).

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