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Krishna Jayanthi message

Shri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji, Pejavara Adhokshaja Matha

B.N.Vjayeendracharya – Krishnajanmashtami

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6 Responses to Krishna Jayanthi message



    Very kind of you for giving importance of Krishnastami.


    Adiga K N

  2. P.S. Rao, Mumbai.

    This is the need of the Hour. It is very important to Know the meaning of every rituals before the practice and performance. Please keep providing informations like this. ThanQ.

  3. krvsraoo

    Dear Sir,Thank very much for doing a great Service to Madhwa Community.Its timley n wonderful to have Dhurshan of sri sri Swamugalu.Thanks.Regards.krvsraoo.

  4. prasad

    thanks for giving good information on krishna jayanti.


    Namasthe, Thank you very much for the information and your interest in madhwa community

  6. suresh rao

    thanks for sending usefull information

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