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A life skech of Prof. G. S. Mudambadithaya

“A fere has come and toutched men’s heart and gone
A few have caught flame and risen to greater life”             – Savithri’ – Sri Aurobindo

G.S. Mudambadithaya and Smt Prema G.S.M.

G.S. Mudambadithaya and Smt Prema G.S.M.

Human beings are a blessed race.  We have been blessed with a rare faculty to get inspired and rise to greater life.  But more blessed are those who timelessly endeavour for the betterment of fellow beings.  Professor Shankaranarayana Mudambadithaya, as a teacher, and educationalist, a thinker, an administrator and above  all as a human being has been an inspirer par excellence.  His life is a vast ocean of experience.  The deeper we delve the more precious will be the pearl of lessons for life we can conquer. I have made an honest effort to present the life sketch of my Acharta Shri G.S. Mudambadithaya on the basis of association with him as a student taught by him for seven years in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, Chennenahalli, Bangalore.


Professor G.S. Mudambadithaya was born on 23rd March 1935 to Shree Narayana Mudambadithaya and Srimathi Netravati. His early childhood days were spent in his native Ganadamoole, in Bajathur village, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnatraka.

Born in a pious Hindu family, spiritual orientation was there in him right from his birth.  His father was a social and political leader of the village.  He was a good administrator too. Recounting his childhood impressions about his father the professor said “my father would get angry soon.  But at the same time he would calm down quickly.” Unfortunately, Prof. Mudambadithaya lost his mother while he was in his third standard in the school.  But he has this to say about his mother”Though I don’t have any memory of my childhood experiences with my mother, I have heard from my relatives that she was a wonderful human being.  “With his four brothers he enjoyed his childhood and primary education in and around the sylvan surroundings of Bajathur nourished by the holy river Netravati. “To go to school we had to traverse a 10 KM forest track daily and a stretch of 3 KM was infested with wild animals.  Though it was tough, we enjoyed it” This is how he summed up his early schooling experiences.


Professor Mudambadithaya finished his high school education staying in a hostel at Purrur and he had his college education in Mangalore.  He did his B.A. in humanities in the year 1957 from Government First Grade College, Mangalore in the year 1958 he took B.Ed from Government Training College, Mangalore, affiliated to Madras University College.  Education brought out the best qualities in him and exposed him to various experiences which helped him to face the world with courage and fortitude. The fact that, during his college days, he as secretary of the Social Activities wing successfully organized the Social League Day single handed when many collegues who earlier promised to  co-operate backed out, shows that he was never averse to face adverse situations and emerge victorious.  He did his post graduation in Economics from Benares Hindu University in the year 1964.  Further he did his M.Ed, from Karnataka University, Dharwad, getting second rank in the year 1968.  He also did his M.A. in English from the same Uoniversity in the year 1972. “I was indead lucky right from the beginning to have teachers and lecturers who along with teaching their respective subjects implanted in us abiding values of life.  They were the scupltors who shaped my personality” Exclaimed Professor Mudambadithaya witha sense of gratitude.


Prof Mudambadithaya began his career as a secondary school teacher of English Oriental High School in Ramakunja, Dakshina Kannada District in the year 1958.  He joined Government Service in the year 1960 in Government High School, Kikeri, later he is served in various parts of Karnataka including Mandy, Mysore, Gulbarga and Tumkur until 1968.


As a teacher in English he underwent training in the Regional Institute of English during the year 1967.  Then the director of the institute Mr. Gani, who later became the Vice Chancellor of Calicut University, asked him to apply for Government Scholarship to attend a Diploma course in English training in England.  Professor Mudambadithaya applied.  But due to bueracratic problems the scholarship was not awarded to him.  But he was permitted to go England.  So he had to spend for the course from his own pocket which was a bit costly.  “My father gave a considerable amount selling some property. It lessened the burden on me to a great extent” recalled the Professor reflecting upon his father’s role in his going to England.  He left for England during September 1968.  He joined the course for English teaching conducted by the department of Education of the Exciter University England. Apart taking part in English language training programme he also attended various lectures organised by the university.  He could say “I got a lot insight into English literature from these lectutes’.  He competed the diploma and was requested by the officials to work in the Common Wealth Institute in London. Professor Mudambadithaya accepted the offer and worked for 6 months in the Institute.  He returned to India in December 1970 having gained a wealth of knowledge  and experience in English language teaching.


On the basis of his excellent performance in England officials in the Regional Institute of Egnlish offered to have him as their faculty.  Professor Mudambadithaya joined the Institute and served for seven years until 1977 for improving the standard of English Education.  Later he was promoted as a Class I officer, and he served as Principal of various junior colleges in Karnataka until 1980.

He again returned to theh Regional Institute of English for a three year stint as a professor until 1983.


National Award for the best Teacher1989-90 Presented by President Sri R. Venkataraman on 5-9- 1990

National Award for the best Teacher1989-90 Presented by President Sri R. Venkataraman on 5-9- 1990

In the year 1983 he was posted as a Principal of New Fort P.U. College, Bangalore.  He won accolades from various quarters for the impeccable standards he set in his service.  As a recognition for his remarkable contribution in the field of English teaching, he was presented the National Best Teacher Award in the year 1989 by the then President Shri R. Venkataraman.  Felicitations and awards from various prestigious institutions and organizations started pouring in.


In the year 1990 he was promoted to the Pre University Department of Karnataka as SADPI.

He served the department in various capacities for three years.  He retired from service in the year 1993 as the Deputy Director, while in service, he set up a committee to revise the PU Syllabus.

He started the academic wing of the PU board and conducted various teacher training programmes and inspired the teachers to set high standards in teaching and guide the students to become responsible citizens of our country.


Various state level and National level Committies and Councils set up by the state and Central Governments, recognising his experience and resouncefulness invited him to be a resource person and provide guidence, Professor Mudambadithaya was a member of various such councils. National council for Teacher Education (since june 2004), NCERT, State syllabus Committee, Karnataka State Secondary Educational Board (1999-2003). In the year 1989 he became the presidient of the Karnataka chapter of Vidya Bharathi an umbrells organisation of about 18,000 Educational Institutions of various levels working to infuse eternal Indian Cultural Values in the present Westernized Educational set-up.  Under his guidance many Vidya Vikas Shibiras’ have been organised under the suspicious of Vidya Bharathi to give orientation to teachers from all over Karnataka on value Education and Indian Cultural Ethos.  Professor Mudambadithaya is also actively associated with the  Gurukulas in Karnataka since 1994.  He regularly visits three Gurukulams, viz Maitheyi, Prabhodhini and Vedavijnana Gurukula to conduct training programmes in English teaching and communicational skills to the Acharyas and Mathrushees of the Gurukulas.


‘The life that wins its aims asks for greater aims’ – Savitri’ Aurobindo

Professor Shankara Narayana Mudambadithaya in his distinguished career as an academician has made valuable contributions to the field of Education.  He has initiated innumerable number of persons into the art of teaching.  His thoughts, ideas and concerns as an educationalist are  well received.  He has reached a point in his life from where he can look back and have a sense of fulfilment.  But this is foreign to his nature.  Even today he constantly moves among the newer teacher student community instilling eternal values that would make then better individuals.  Let us pray to the almighty to keep aglow and add lusture to this beacon light to spead the radience of wisdom far and wide for long years to come.

(The article had written by shree M. Jayaraman, in 2005.  He has been a product of Gurukula System.)


  1. National Award for the Best Teacher of the year from the President of India – 1989
  2. Suvarna Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasti – 2005
  3. Principal’s & Head Masters’s Associations
  4. Teachers Associations
  5. Rotary Clubs
  6. Lions Clubs
  7. Private Organisations
  8. Baliyendra Puraskar -South Kanara Association
  9. Vidyavarenya Award – VAPS Technosoft, Bangalore


  1. Sahityaka belaku-Neralu – Short novels in kannada – 1985
  2. Textbooks-
    • English – 30
    • Kannada – 1
    • Social science – 1
  3. English Grammar books –
    • Macaw Readers 1 to 5
    • Enjoy with Grammar A-5 – 7
    • English with a smile – 3
    • D.Ed. 1,2
    • Vidya Bharathi Egnlish Readers 1-5
    • Grammar & Composition (Bilingual)
    • Grammar & Composition (Pub.Vikas)
  4. Communicative English
    • For Proffesional Courses
    • Communicative English
    • Learning English with Pleasure
    • Audio Visual CD
    • English Grammar and Composition
    • English made easy, Audio CD
  5. Teaching English in India (2005)
  6. Mane-mana Tumbikolli  (for Parents guidance in Kannada)
  7. Translation from Kannada to English
    • Epic Characters of Mahabharata – 10 books
    • Epic Characters of Ramayana – 10 books
    • Rishis of India – 10 books
    • Pattamahadevi Shantaladevi
    • Kannada novel Prof. C.K. Nagaraja Rao in 2008 – 5 volumes, 2500 pages

[On completion of seventy years by Shikshaka Ratna Prof. G.S. Mudambadithaya, renouned educationalist, the Sanmana samithi formed in his name has organized a felicitation function during March 2005, and also brought felicitation souvenir. We collected the article by this souvenir.]

9 Responses to A life skech of Prof. G. S. Mudambadithaya

  1. Sunitha

    I would like to have the contacts of Mr. G.S. Mudambadithaya. Kindly provide me with his telephone number & address.

    Thank you

  2. Prof.Balakrishna Kalluraya

    It is pleasure to known that Prof.G.S.Mudamadithaya started his career in Ramakunjeshwara High School where I did my early education.

    Dr.Balakrishna Kalluraya, Professor of organic Chemistry,Mangalore University

  3. Thippesh

    I wish to thanks Mr. G.S. Mudambadithaya for his great classess of English usage, I was very much impressed by his teachings please do made him avail to the my above mail address.

    Thanking you,

    Thippeswamy. M.

  4. Chandra Shekar.N.R

    Dear Publisher,

    I am happy to say that he was my principal in New Fort college, with his blessings, guidance, from his lectrueship I am what I am today,

    Please convey my sincere good wishes to our Sir.

    I am proud of Sir G.S.M.

  5. Arun Rao

    Hi All,

    With deep regrets I am sharing the sad news that Mr. Mudambadithaya expired today at 6:30 am.

  6. Dravya M V

    With deep regrets we pray almighty to keep prof. G.S.MUDAMBADITHYA sir’s soul to rest in peace and its immense pleasure to remember the days when we spent in Edutel technologies pvt ltd as his colleagues.

  7. poornima c

    The best national teacher award winner in the year 1989 G.S. MUDAMBADITHAYA is no more today. I pray almighty to rest his soul in peace.
    The short period of working experience with him as colleague in Edutel technologies pvt ltd brings a great learning experience from experienced and humble resource person.

  8. M S Acharya

    I am fortunate to know Prof.Mudambadithaya since 1958 when he was a teacher at Ramakunjeshvara High School and I was a student in VI Standard. My father, Marakur Krishnacharya, was a Selection Grade Sanskrit Teacher and Hon. Correspondent of the school. Prof.Mudambadithaya married my elder sister Prema. When I was doing my graduation from Maharaja’s College also I was briefly staying with him at Nanjangud and receiving his support & guidance.
    This has given me an unque opportunity to observe his great personality from the nearest quarters. His devotion to duty, his hunger for knowledge, pleasure in imparting the same to the needy put him apart from the ordinary mortals. And the untiring way he continued his pursuit till the end! Hard to believe anybody else could have done that. Just a few days back, even though he was suffering from a terminal disease, he was receiving an award from a Central Minister at Nagpur!
    The whole Marakur Acharya family salute the great intellect, and pray Almighty to rest his soul in peace!


    Really Sad to hear this Loss, Sir was the inspiration and a very noble person who put us all in very strict principles. My association as a student in New Fort is the most cherished one.

    I am proud to say he was my principal and English Lecturer.

    May his soul RIP.

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