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Shri Bannanje Govindacharya

Vidya Vachaspati Bannanje Govindachrya is one of the experts on the Madhva Tathwa Shastras and Madhva philosophy. He is best known for his pravachanas all over the world. He is the author of numerous translations and commentaries of the Vedic texts- both in Sanskrit and Kannada. His literary achievements also include his translation and commentaries of the complete texts of Shri Madhwacharya.

He born in a well cultured family in 1936, hails from Bannanje locality of Udupi, Karnataka. He started his study of the vedic texts and scriptures under his father “Tarkakesari S. Narayanacharya”, His Holiness Shri Vidyamanya Tirtha Swamiji of Palimaru Matha and late Shri Vidyasamudra Tirtha Swamiji of Kaneyur matha, Udupi.
Shriyutha has many contributions to Vedic literatures. He has authored numerous commentaries, translations and original works on the subject. He has also contributed hundreds of articles in magazines and journals.

A Birds Eye View on his Great works:

The major work includes the

“Works of Madhwa” – This is the reconstruction of the complete commentary on Madhwa’s works by Shri Hrishikesha Tirtha, a direct disciple of Shri Madhwacharya of the 13th CE. He also translated many historical Sanskrit books, which include:

“Bana Bhattana kadambari” – A translation of Bana Bhatta’s novel, Kalidasa’s “Shakuntala”, Shudraka’s “Mrichakatika” and lot more.

He also wrote some short commentaries on some krithis in Sanskrit, “Anandamala” of Shri Thrivikramarya dasa, “Vayu Stuti” of Shri Trivikrama Pandita, “Vishnu Stuti” of Shri Trivikrama Pandita, A philosophical dialectic in Sanskrit, short commentaries for six upanishads with Commentaries of Trivikramarya Dasa, etc.

Some of the Detailed commentaries in Sanskrit include “Teeka(critique) on Mahabharata Tatparya” (yamaka bharatha) by Shri Madhwacharya, “Teeka on Shri Sumadhwavijaya” of Narayana Pandita, “Tippani on Bhagavata tatparya” by shri Madhwacharya.

As he is a very good scholor in both Kannada and Sanskrit, he translated many literatures from Sanskrit to Kannada, Some are, “Srimad Bhagavad Gita”, “Purusha sukta”, “Shri sukta” “Shiva stuti”, “Narashimha stuti” “Krishnamritamaharnava” , “Tantra Sara Sangraha” and “Madhwa Ramayana” of Shri Madhwacharya, “Mangalashtaka” of Shri Rajarajeshwara yati “Yajneeya mantropanishat (Ishavasya)” Recreation in Kannada is simple and easy to understand for all the Kannadigas.

He contributed a lot to the Indian Film Industry, by being strong resource and as the expert consultant for G V Iyer’s movies – Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Madhwacharya, Sri Ramanujacharya and the Bhagawad Geeta. He also wrote the scripts for the Adi Shankaracharya and Madhwacharya movies.

Shriyutha has honored with numerous awards and various titles.

Mainly, the “Vidya Vachaspati” – by Shri Admar Mutt swamiji, Udupi.

Some of the notable are:

* The state award by the Government of Karnataka for his meritorious service and scholarship in Vedic iterature and philosophy.

* Pratibhambudhi – conferred on him by Puttige Mutt and Palimar Mutt swamijis

* Shastra savyasachi – Conferred by Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandala, Bengalooru

* Shri Krishanugraha Prashasthi – an award presented by Pejavara Mutt swamiji

* Sahitya sarvabhouma – saraswata maha vishwa vidyalaya, Bengalooru

* Samshodhana Vichakshana : by shri admar & shri palimar mutt

* Pandita shiromani – by Pratibha Ranga, Shivamogga

* Andita Ratna : by Dwarakanath swamji of Partagali Gokarna Mutt

* Vidya Ratnakara – title conferred by Shri Palimar Mutt swamiji

* Fellowship for the meritorious service and scholarship in Indian religion and philosophy – by the Academy of General Education, Manipal. And lot more.

The list is just a birds eye view, he contributed much more, and he also honored by many people. Lots of people considers him as “Guru”, and follow him as disciple.Even today he travels all around the world giving discourses in Indian philosophy and Hindu scriptures. We feel proud and blessed enough to have him in our community.

Edited by – Mahesha Eliadka
Source : Wikipedia

48 Responses to Shri Bannanje Govindacharya

  1. prakash kulkarni

    Very glad to read about him.

    PS Kulkarni


    Respected sri Bananje Govindacharya, I am T.J.VASUDEVA Son of Late Sri T.V.JAYASIMHADAS AND Brother of RAGHAVENDRA .J.PRABHATH of Prabhath Family. You had seen me several times as I do not miss your lecturers if it happens in South Bangalore. You had come to our house when we were all together at Visvewarapuram. First time Raghavendra took me to your lecture at vidya peeta some 20 years back.My concept on our madhwa philosophy was entirely different. Your lecture on that changed my concept. I have become fan of you.I consider you as SRI TRIVIKRAMA ACHAR OR JAYATHIRTHRU BORN AGAIN DURING THIS PERIOD TO GIVE KNOWLEDGE TO US .YOU ARE GREAT.



    44/5,II FLOOR
    PH: 080-26623153

  3. Ravikumar

    21-century greatest scalar in all the fields because any illitrate can become greatest person become complete man

    the convection in his explanation about god I lost my presence

    There is no comparision to sri Bananje Govindacharya is sri Bananje Govindacharya only

    My ears is becom worth after 27 yers becouse i heard the pravachana of Bananje

  4. Nagendra R.S


    As everybody nows about you, I need not to tell anything about you. To say frankly, your discourses changed my lifestyle and also lot of thoughts on Indian philosophy. I was the one person who was blindly beleiving India is a great country without knowing any contribution of our ancestors to vedic science. But, now I can say atleast a little bit I know Vedic science, it is only because of you. I pray God to bless you and your family with a good health. During your discourses, I might have asked so many silly questions, pls. forgive me. I asked those questions only to clarify my doubts. Also, thankful to you as you clarified all my doubts. We need more and more knowledge from you, as we are having thirst for knowledge.

  5. H. G. MALAGI

    Iam also a fan, deciple of shree Bannanje Gogindacharya. No doubt he is reincarnation of a great soul who has taken ‘an avatara’ to bless us. Once you listen to his (upanyasas) pravachanas, you will defnetly cecome his deciple, and a follower of MADHWA PHILOSOPHY. Iam his fan, eversince i came contact with his speaches that is way back in 1978. It is my greatest prevalage that i am living in his ERA.

  6. padmanabharao

    A good brief about great Acharya of our times. Sri Govindacharya is a treasure of Madhva Thought and a moving lexicon of Knowledge of Tattvajnaana. It is a pleasure to listen to him. He is not sticky in his attitude towards laymen who want to know more about Madhva and his Philosophy. I am grateful to him for sparing his valuable time when i was in Manipal during 1979-81. I was eager to listen to him, a simple man with grat thoughts and humble to Madhva and never arrogant like other Pandits, who complete Sudha mangala, never practice what Madhva gave us. His straight forward nature might have people embarrassed, but real seekers of Jnana love him from their heart.

  7. Shubhakar

    Pujyarige Pranamagalu,

    Acharyare, please let me know the ten contents of “Dashanga” which we use for dhoopa arati while performing puja. I will be greatfull to you if u provide me the details.

  8. Sushma

    Hello Sir, can any one provide me BG’s email ID or contact detials. this is really little urgent. Please help me.

  9. varun

    pujyarige prananamagalu vagali such a great scholar of madhwa philosophy iam very greatful to that pandith very very great madhwa pandith

  10. Pavan daroor

    Dear Sir, please note tahte am v earger to know about Mahdva tatva, Please post me some articles as that i can learn on the Philoshophy.I was pleased when i heard” Geetaya balaku”
    Even today i hear now and then.My Sinsier respect to him.

  11. krishna

    I am 20 years old doing my engineering in bengaluru.
    Bannanje sir, it is of ultimate proudness to hear that you are been given the padmashri award!!!!!!!!
    But, there always exists something beyond infinity. Everything in this world, experiences, universe, spirituality, and even the salvation may be infinite.
    To attain salvation towards god is infinite, but there exists something beyond it.
    This is why Lord Krishna descended. To contact, please mail at
    I would be the happiest person in this Dwaitha world to receive your suggestions and replies.

  12. Kotlu Ananda

    I heard revered Shri BG’s pravachan on Shree Madhvacharya. As i belong to the place called Aila (presently Uppala Rly Stn.) between Kanvatheertha and Kumble, i may not be mistaken on pondering over that Shree Madhvacharyar must have travelled through our places between Trivendrum (Thiruvanantapuram) and Udupi to visit various temples and to give pravachanas like one he had given at Vishnu Mangala Temple and Kudlu Gopalakrishna Temple, and now where his holy feet touched the earth has turned to become National Highway No.17.

  13. BNG Rao

    I have gone through the book published by ISCON on Bhagavadgita and articles written by his followers in Bangalore. They describe that Lord Shiva is a vaisnava and a demi-god as well as Brahma. May I request you to clarify on this point?

  14. Srinivas

    One of my colleague gave me a discourses of Vidya Vachaspati Shri Bannanje Govindacharya on Geeteya Belaku.
    After that i have heard many discourses from Shri Bannanje Govindacharya.
    Before listening to Shri i neaver liked to listen about all these. But now this has become my main interest.

    I have never seen him live. All the discourses i heard on my computer. I am longing to see him and take his blessings. I have many questions to ask him. There is no day in which i don’t remember him. Hope i meet him as soon as possible by the grace of GOD.

  15. Srinivas

    Pujya Vidya Vachaspati Shri Bannanje Govindacharya rega Srinivas sana namaskara.

    (Namaha-> Na+Mama)

    Wating to meet you…

  16. srinath

    A great personality of madhwa community is sri govindacharyaru. we all are proud to have a peerson like him in our community . His discourses are well understood by an ordinary person also I salute him with full respect.

    jai sri krishna.


  17. srinath

    A great personality of madhwa community is sri govindacharyaru. we all are proud to have a peerson like him in our community . His discourses are well understood by an ordinary person also I salute him with full respect. thanks.

    jai sri krishna.


  18. Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma


    On behalf of the Google Group I request Sri Acharya Govinda, Bannanje to consider bringing out the contributions of Karnataka to Vedic Sciences. All who have posted their comments here are also welcome to join the Group to perpetuate Indian Scientific Heritage awareness.


  19. Dwarakanatha

    Dear All,

    I want to meet Sri Bannanje Govidacharyaji, so can any one give his contact details…?

    My contact information as follows:
    No 43/1, 4th Cross, 6th Main, 3rd Block, Thyagarajanagara, Bengaluru – 560028
    M-9945503600; dwa_v@yahoo.com

  20. gururaj

    i would like to know wether is ther any book has comein kannada comments to tantrsara sangraha of sri madwacharya….. let me know about that by mail..

    pranams to lotous feet of lord veera venaktesh and lord krishna of udupi..

    and loving pranams to vysa guru madhwa guru and sri raghavendra guru…

    and also to asta matadhi patis and sri bannanje govindcharya

  21. dhanankar


  22. Rajiv

    Dear Sir,

    I was introduced to your lectures by one of my friend through sharing his recordings in ipod, As I stay in Australia getting an oppurtunity to attend your lectures would be quite difficult. I’m thankful to this kind world to have made me listen to your preachings, My thoughts towards our culture has changed and I’m trying to implement the required basic prinicples in life by following vedic science. I swear, for me to have known about so many subjects would have taken at least 2 incarnations.
    Thank you very much sir.



    namaste guruji,

    i am ajay here ,interested in guruji discoureses though iam in matereasitic life iam interested in spiritual aspect , so i kindly request to provide ne an opputunity to meet guruji ” SRI BANANJE GOVINDAACHAR ” to be as a adyathma bandhu with him , and iam very much thankfull to my parents and god because they give oppurtunity to stay in this world surrounded by bananje govindaachar like guru with me .

  24. venugopalabn

    SHRI BANNANJE GOVINDACHARYA IS ONE OF THE GREAT SCHOLARS OF OUR TIME. IN FACT HE is my guru in every sense. his discourses have opened the eyes of many people and the real essence of Madhwa philosophy is revealed through his lectures.

  25. shashirekha

    acharya is one of the great scholars. he has given new insights into madhwa philosophy. my friend venu introduced me to him and i am very much impressed by his lectures.

  26. rc nagaraju

    bannanje govindacharya is my guru in every sense

  27. Balachandra Achar

    @ Ajay Kumar
    You can meet and discuss with Bannanje Achar after his discourses. (prior appointment may be required) A Facebook group called “Bannanje Fans” (link given below) gives regular announcements about Bannanje’s discourses. If interested, please join facebook, login, and then click the link.

  28. Balachandra Achar

    @ All
    Bannanje Achar will answer philosophical doubts in bodhivrukshaepaper.com
    ಜನರ ಸಂದೇಹಗಳಿಗೆ ಶ್ರೀ ಬನ್ನಂಜೆ ಆಚಾರ್ಯರಿಂದ ಸೂಕ್ತ ಉತ್ತರ – ಬೋಧಿವೃಕ್ಷ ಈ-ಪೇಪರ್ ಉಪಕ್ರಮ
    http://www.bodhivrukshaepaper.com/epapermain.aspx (Page #3)

  29. raghu

    The absolute talent speaking is bannanje achars………The presentation of tatva vaada philosophy is to be given by achar only no words to speak about his talent inteeligence mind set expirience………no one can competate with him……….achare nemma pracheena bharatadalli kama shastra book is very nice i had readen it sevaral times it was an amaizing work MOST THANKS TO U.WE PEOPLE ARE LOOKING MORE BOOKS FROM URS PRAKASHANA…………….THANK U VERY VERY VERY MUCH…

    PH 9538006088

  30. Sumangali R K Rao

    @ Sri Balachandra Achar,
    Yes. I know Sri Bannanje Achar answers doubts through bodhivrukshaepaper. But I am not finding ways to ask questions on the website bodhivrukshaepaper.com. Can you please help me by suggesting how to ask questions on this epaper?
    Thank you.

  31. vasudeva bhat

    Even I am the fan of Sri Bannanje Govindachar. I heard his pravachanas a lot and I am very interested to see the saturday bodhivrukshaepaper i will be waiting for that paper to see the answers given. Thanks to Sri Bannanje Govindachar for providing lot of information that even we may be having doubt. Thanks once again.

  32. Women(30)

    Guruji nimage namma kadeyindha pranamagalu, nimma Bhagvadhgeethayannu odhi nanage santhoshavagidhe, samanya manavaru navu enu thappu madeilla adhru shikshe anubhavisuthideve andhukolluthare, AA Bhagavanthana sanidhya sigabekadhare navu thumba echarikeyinda irabeku, prathi kshana prathiyobbaru svarthakkagi badhukuthiddu navenu thappau madilla annuvudhe dodda thappu. Prabhugale nanu (kshameirali) thumba kashtagalannu anubhavisuthiddene. nanu nimmanu omme bheti madlu avakasha kodi please


    Iam fan of sri Bannanje Govindachar, I listen some of his pravachana, like vishnusahasranama, etc and bhagavatha pravachana, ultimate it is, I am lucky because I have scollar like BG. Sir, I want to see you some time with my friends, all are your fan only.

    Please give your Rajajinagar Office Address, and contact number, we will call up and come to take your darshan. please

  34. mohan.desai

    my regards to sri acharyaji……

    i heard your pravachans on so many good things

    and m inspired….alot…..i want to meet you….

    i m working as teacher….near to bhatkal……

    when it is possible…..

  35. Balachandra

    @ Desai ji

    Do you think Sri Bannanje Acharya will look into this website and give appointments? Best way would be to attend his pravachanas – which keep happening in Bengaluru, Udupi, etc quite often – and then take appointment with him at the end of pravachana.

  36. Raghootham

    Bannanje Acharyarige Ananta NamnaGalu……”TATVA PRADEEPA” kke Anuvaada Maaduttiruva Vichaara Keli Bahala santosha Vaayitu.Nemma Shishya raada Maruta (puttige matt) Nanage Paata Heluttirutaare.Nanage Acharya madhwara Shastravannu Adhyayana maaduvaase Dayavittu Harasi……..

    Nemma Paada Sevaka

  37. jyotsna

    was more than happy to even hear this pious name Sri Bannanje Govindachri. heard his leactures in early 80’s. but somehow lost touch with my native place hubli. how will i get to hear his lectures now. are there any cd’s avaliable. pls let me know.my respectful regards to Acharyaji.

  38. Balachandra

    @Jyotsna ji

    If you are residing anywhere within India, then you can contact Sri Vinay Bannanje at mob. nos. 9845626042 / 9448437900 or Sri Raghootthamachar @ 9900400884 / 080-23561218. They will give you the list of CD’s and books available and ways to purchase them. 🙂

  39. Balachandra

    @ Sumangali R K Rao

    Send your questions to feedback@bodhivruksha.com
    (Mention in the subject line that they are for Sri Bannanje)

  40. jaikrishna

    Great Acharya,

    You have already went deep into the THATHVA SAMUDRA. I am very thankful to God for introducing you to me. Now, after hearing your lecture since last two and half decades, I have a great feeling of going inside in search of ATHMA VASTHU. I can say without any hesitation that whatever ANANDA I am getting today and for all my future achievements, credit should go to GOVINDA in you. I am not a scholar but still nobody can mislead me to AJNANA. ACHARYA – with your blessing I am sure one day I WILL experience my inner BLISS.

    The enjoyment I am experiencing because of your lecture, I can not say forever in words, more particularly while transcripting your lecture on SRI MADHVA VIJAYA. Reading your publications has made me to recognize what is RIGHT SIDHDHANTHA & WHAT IS WRONG SIDHDHANTHA. Like me many who have read your books can easily identify whether its our ACHARYA’S OR NOT SUCH IS THE BEAUTY OF PRESENTATION.

    No man made awards, no man made titles suits your great achievements, you are above that. OH! GOD WHAT A GREAT PERIOD YOU HAVE GIVEN US BIRTH – YOU HAVE GIVEN US ACHARYA, I AM ALWAYS INDEBTED TO YOU LORD.

  41. Naveen

    Namasthe to Acharya,

    This is Naveen (33 Years, male, Mysore). In the past 15 years of my life I have been associated with few different schools of philosophy. Ramakrishna Ashram, ISKCON, Mantralaya (Guru Rayaru)… In 2005 I listened to Banaje’s audio of Geeteya Belaku. Later I also listened to two or three more CDs of him. My mind keeps oscillating from one philosophy to another. In 2006 I joined Ramakrishna Ashram of Bangalore (Bull Temple Road). Unfortunately my parents forcibly brought me out of Ashram.

    Again I was leading a normal life, along with occasionally reading books of different philosophy. Recently, I am going through a deep and long thought process and this lead me to conclusion that “I am wasting this precious human life in this bread and butter activities. I am simply reading theory of spirituality. But I now need some practical spirituality. I want to dedicate the rest of my life for spiritual activities.”

    I definitely have not attained any vairagya. But I have a firm determination of dedicating my life for some cause, by which I grow spiritually.

    I would like to know if there is any Ashram or school kind of thing where I can join and learn vedanta and philosophy, and practice spirituality. I am 33 and unmarried.
    If getting initiated as a permanent disciple or sanyasi is not an available option,
    I am very much willing to stay with like minded spiritual aspirants as a volunteer or servant there, and serve all others to my hearts content. If I can get a chance to spend my life midst spiritual aspirants, I consider my self blessed.

    Please reply

    Thanking you

  42. Balachandra

    I suggest that you concentrate on one school of philosophy at a time. I also suggest that you take an appointment, meet and discuss with Shri Bannanje Govindacharya before taking any major decision. Contact Shri Vinay Bannanje (9845626042 / 9448437900).

  43. G.Hanumantachar

    Dearest Acharya,

    I heard your lecture for the first time in Raichur during 1984 and since then I am your ardent follower. I have collections of your lecture which numbers to around 300 audio cassettes. Vinay used to come to my home at Raichur.

    I would like to meet you soon.

    94488 15905


    I our family always hear the lecture of guruji through their DVD BANNANJE GOVINDACHARYA OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE THEE BEST.

  45. S Krishnamurthy Rao

    Respectful Sir, I need a clarification. I wish to know whether installation of Ganesh Idol inside a Ganesh temple during Ganesh Chaturthi is permissable? If it is not permissable, kindly inform the reason for the same.

  46. Geetha muralidhar

    sir now I started to listen your pravachana. Thank u very much for please publish more video and spread the knowledge to every one sir TB thank you once again for your wonderful speech

  47. srivathsa

    hari sarvottama

  48. Gururajan Sethurao

    Dear Sir, I am Guru from Dubai. We want you to meet you with my wife and kids.Kindly advise how we can meet you. My wife loves your speech very much last one year.

    We want you your blessing in person. Please advise.

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