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Purusha Sukta

Download: Kannada | Sanskrit

6 Responses to Purusha Sukta

  1. Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya

    I want purusha sukta in sanskrit.
    I feel happy to view this site.

  2. Kumar Madhav

    I want purusha sukta in English

    Kindly help me out

  3. sridharan

    Great thanks to Shivalli …. we request this in audio hope this will consider thanks

  4. A Prasad

    Why dont you include Narayana suktha also which is chanted during Sathyanarayana Pooje.

  5. Balachandra

    @ Kumar Madhav, Purusha suktha in English is not advisable. Pronunciation will be difficult/wrong if you read from English! Sanskrit & Kannada scripts are the best. Requesting you to please learn one of them first.

  6. srikanth karanam

    bhala santhosha aithu neevu rachisida website nodi samskruthi achara vichara nanage bhala akrshane aithu santhosh navu sri raghavendra swamy matada shishyaru reply madiri hare sreenivasa

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