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Subhashita -33

5 Responses to Subhashita -33

  1. Suchindrum Padmanabhan Potti

    If you don’t mind please describe in English instead of Kannada as I am in


  2. narayana


  3. Karnam ravi kuamar

    For Vaayau Sththi, there is a khandanam. For this khandanam there is a mandanam by Sri 1008 Satya PraModa Theertha sreepaadangaLavaru (Sri Maduttaaraadi Mutt). If you have the copy please send

  4. Balachandra

    @ S P Potti
    We have described both in Kannada and English. Please see.

  5. Balachandra

    @ Karnam
    You may find the work of Sri Satyapramoda teertharu at UM Bengaluru. Please try.

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