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Temples of Bantwal Taluk

Here we have listed the Temples of Bantwal Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District.

  1. Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Rayi
  2. Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Bantwal
  3. Shri Sharabheshwara Temple, Sarapadi
  4. Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Vamadapadavu
  5. Shri Mahaganapati Temple, Dandegoli, Vamadapadavu
  6. Shri Chandikaparameshwari Temple, B.C.Road
  7. Shri Annapoorneshwari Temple, B.C.Road
  8. Shri Rajarajeshwari Temple, Polali
  9. Shri Narikombeshwara Temple, Narikombu, Panemangalore
  10. Shri Vinayaka Shankaranarayana Durgamba Temple, Nandavara, Panemangalore
  11. Shri Hanumanta Temple, Nandavara, Panemangalore
  12. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Sajipamunnooru
  13. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Sajipanadu
  14. Shri SomanatheshwaraTemple, Ira
  15. Shri Chintamani LakshminarasimhaTemple, Kadeshivalaya
  16. Shri Panchalingeshwara Temple, Vitla
  17. Shri Mahishamardhini Temple, Bajiladi, Bakrebailu
  18. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Madakatte, Vitla
  19. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Mankude, Vitla
  20. Shri Mahishamardhini Temple, Puncha
  21. Shri Subraya Temple, Karopadi, Vagenadu
  22. Shri Sadashiva Temple, Narahari Parvata, Panemangalore
  23. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Delanthabettu
  24. Shri GopalakrishnaTemple, Manchi
  25. Shri Mahaganapati Temple, Mavantooru
  26. Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Monthimaru
  27. Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Poonja, Siddakatte
  28. Shri Mahadeva Temple, Manchi
  29. Shri Somanatheshwara Temple, Kurnadu
  30. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Kundadka, Vitla
  31. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Kudur, Vitla
  32. Shri Gopalakrishna Temple, Madiyala, Alike
  33. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Chipparu
  34. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Kepu, Vitla
  35. Shri Panchalingeshwara Temple, Bayaru
  36. Shri Shankaranarayana Temple, Erumbu, Alike
  37. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Nekkidapuni, Alike
  38. Shri Sadashiva Temple, Salettur
  39. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Manila
  40. Shri Sadashiva Temple, Netla, Kalladka
  41. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Bolinja, Bakrebailu
  42. Shri Suryeshwara Temple, Bakrebailu
  43. Shri Karinjeshwara Temple, Karinja
  44. Madaga Shri Janardana Temple, Kedila.
  45. Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Denthadka.
  46. Shri ChinthamaniLaxmi Narasimha Temple, Kadeshwalya
  47. Shri Raktheshwari Temple, B.C.Road
  48. Shri Vishnumoorthy Temple, Pejakala
  49. Shri Subramanya Temple, Koila

13 Responses to Temples of Bantwal Taluk

  1. bsbhat

    Dear sir,

    The Shankara narayana temple in erumbu, alike is under renovation and we are looking for information how this rare combination og 2 gods in one statue came into existence to educate public. Do you have any info that could throw some light on this? Pl assist. Regards, BS BHAT

  2. Thimmappa Melanta

    Please add shree garudamahankali temple, Arala, bantwal taluk

  3. Dr. P. K. Vasudeva

    Dear all,
    We are renovating our vishnumurthy temple pejakala. The temple belong to Kakrannaya family and to the village Pilimogaru and Budoli. It would great if we can get some help.
    Vasudeva ( 9845515683)

  4. Udupi Vinith Rao

    I request you to add SHRI VISHNUMURTHY TEMPLE, PERAJE , Peraje Village, Via Mani, Bantwal Taluk.
    PERAJE SHRI VISHNUMURTHY TEMPLE is under renovation at an estimated cost of Rs. 30 Lakhs & it is proposed to reinstall the idol of the Lord in the renovated shilamaya garbha-gudi in this uttarayana ( probably in January 2011).
    For more details & photo updates Please visit : http://www.devoteesappeal.blogspot.com
    & http://www.vishnumurthytempleperaje.blogspot.com & click the link to exclusive photo blog.

  5. Govardhan Gopala

    Dear Community members,
    Namaste, Peraje Shree Vishnumoorthy temple is an ancient temple. It is near Mani in Bantwala Taluk. I had visited this shrine in 2009. It had no income of its own. It is good that they have started renovation works now. I have seen the details of renovation in http://www.templerenovation.wordpress.com & vishnumurthytempleperaje.blogspot.com . I have seen the photos in http://www.perajevishnumurthytemplephotos.blogspot.com. I hope religious minded people would support such works.
    SHREE VISHNUMOORTHY DEVASTHANA of Peraje grama is one such temple awaiting to get wide coverage. I also request our community members to write about such temples of their place.

  6. vinith

    Namaste, Please add Shri Vishnumurthy Temple, Peraje ( Peraje Village, Via Mani, Bantwal Taluk, 38kms away from Mangalore along NH48, towards Uppinangady.) to the list of temples of Bantwal Taluk. At present the temple is under renovation & the information is available on http://www.vishnumurthytempleperaje.blogspot.com & perajevishnumurthytemplephotos.blogspot.com.
    Thank you.


    Peraje Vishnumurthy Devasthana, is worshiped by the people of Arebettu – Mani & Peraje and adjacent villages. Shri Vishnumurthy is the presiding deity of the region. Before renovation started in early April 2010, the Garbha-gudi was circular in shape or round in shape.
    Now the renovation work is underway & we are hoping to complete the work at the earliest & reinstall the idol of the Lord in this uttarayana ( probably in January 2011).

    The temple is located in Peraje Village, near Mani in Bantwal Taluk. It is 38Kms away from Mangalore along the NH-48. One has to get down at Budoli Stop & go interior about 0.5kms to reach the temple. The people at / nearby Budoli stop will show the way. There is Auto service from Budoli stop.
    The Address of the Temple: Shri Vishnumurthy Temple, Peraje Village, Budoli Post – 574253, Via Mani, Bantwal Taluk. Phone:08255 274279.
    (Pl. note: this is Budoli of Peraje Grama,near Mani.)
    regards, Devotees of SVT Peraje.

  8. Dr. P. K. Vasudeva

    Dear all,
    Our Pejakala vishnumurthy temple Brahmakalasha will be from jan 20th to 24th 2011.

  9. Gopal. G

    Please visit Peraje Vishnumurthy Temple during the Brahmakalasha Programmes starting from Feb.17th – 21st Feb.
    Thank you.

  10. vachan shetty

    dear sir
    i request you to add shri garuda mahakali temple located in arala village in bantwal taluk.one the oldest temples in the taluk which has been renovated a coulpe of years back with a estimated amount of 1 crore including kalyana mantap..please add this temple in the lists as it would be heplful to make this temple a very god pilgrimage place ……

  11. Shrilatha

    dear sir,

  12. Shivaram Pooary Arala

    Please add shree Garuda mahakali temple, Arala Bantwal. It is one of the famous temple in D.K.

  13. Shreyas K

    Sri Subrahmanya Temple, Kolpe, Idkidu can also be added to the list

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