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Southadka Shri Mahaganapathi Temple
Southadka Shri Mahaganapathi

Southadka Shri Mahaganapathi

‘Southadka’ is a pilgrimage centre located at a distance of 3 km from Kokkada in Belthangadi Taluk of Dakshina Kannda district. The uniqueness of the place is Lord Maha Ganapathi is out in the open field without a ‘Garbha gudi’ and temple structure. It is surrounded by fascinating greeneries and open round the clock for offering prayers. About 35km from Kukke Subramanya Temple is ‘Southadka Shree Mahaganapathi Kshetra’ in the interiors of Kokkada. This is about 16km from Dharmasthala. The temple is decorated with lot of Bells mainly, offered by worshippers who have special wishes. One can find lot of monkeys inside the temple. The Mahapuja is performed every year in the month of January. The temple also serves food to all the devotees in the form of prasadam.Temple is 6 km from Patrame on the banks of river kapila.

Belthangady’s hidden gem, It’s a unique temple with vast expanses of lush greenery. Sitting cozily in the lap of nature amidst such a tranquil atmosphere is Lord Ganapati. Welcome to Southadka, the abode of Lord Ganapati.

Popularly known as Maha Ganapati Kshetra, Southadka in Belthangandy taluk of Dakshina Kannada district is hailed as one of the many siddhi kshetras of the district. Surprisingly, not many from outside the district are aware of the existence of this temple which is located just 20 km away from the pilgrim town of Dharmasthala. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, this temple with no formal structure surrounding it, offers a unique experience.

A spacious goshala (cow shed), a row of petty shops vending pooja materials, a small temple office where seva tickets and prasada can be bought and a modest temple kitchen that dishes up tasty naivedya prasada is all that Southadka houses. The idol of Lord Ganesha, installed majestically under the bowers of an ancient tree, is spectacular, to say the least. A shining arch is all that surrounds the beautiful idol in black stone and, of course, huge brass lamps. Right in front of the Lord’s idol are rows of brass bells tied to wooden beams which are offered by the devotees. These bells in various shapes and sizes are a great attraction among children. If a temple without walls sounds intriguing, equally fascinating are the stories that the temple relates.

Alankara during Moodappa Seve

Alankara during Moodappa Seve


According to the sthala purana of Southadka, a Ganapati temple revered by a royal family was once destroyed by enemies. Not to let the enemies destroy the beautiful idol of Ganapati that was at the temple, cow herds of the place carried it along with them and installed it in a place where cucumber was grown in plenty. Since southe means cucumber and adka means meadow in Kannada, the place soon gained popularity as Southadka. The farmers of the place reaped huge harvests of cucumber, offered it to Lord Ganapati and even wished to build a temple there. But, according to a popular belief, Ganapati graced their dreams and asked them not to build a temple for him at Southadka as that would mean restrictions on devotees visiting the place to seek his blessings. The Lord expressed his wish to remain in open air with no formal structure surrounding him so that devotees could access him round-the-clock. Lord Ganapati’s wish was the farmers’ command and to this day the Lord sits majestically in the lush green surroundings of Southadka, blessing his devotees 24/7.

According to temple authorities, of the many sevas offered at the temple, the most popular one is the avalakki panchakajjaya seva (a delicious mixture of beaten rice, jiggery, til, coconut, honey and banana) performed on a regular basis. The laddu prasada too shouldn’t be given a miss. One word of caution though: whoever performs the avalakki panchakajjaya seva has to share a fair amount of Lord’s prasada with the many cows around.

Devotees can also offer prayers to Mahaganapathi in the form of “Appa(or Appam)”, Southadka’s famous prasad, is a very tasty preparation. This is prepared daily and anyone offering prayers can avail these at the counters. Among the special poojas that are performed, “Moodappa Seve” is very prominent, which involves covering the Mahaganapathi statue with Appam.

Postal Address:
Southadka Sri Maha Ganapathi Kshetra,
Kokkada Post,
Belthangadi Taluk,
Dakshina Kannada district
Pin code: 574 198
Ph: 08251 – 254 351, 254 161

Distance from Southadka:
Dharmasthala: 20 km
Mangalore: 82 km
Kukke Subrahmanya: 45 km

How to get there:
Southadka is 20 km from Dharmasthala, 45 km from Subrahmanya, 82 km from Mangalore and 2 km from Kokkada and 6km from Patrame. From Bangalore, Southadka can be accessed on the road between Nelyadi and Dharmasthala. About 13 km before Dharmasthala is a huge arch on the left side of the road that leads to Southadka after a drive of about seven km.

Routemap SouthadkaT emple

18 Responses to Southadka Shri Mahaganapathi Temple

  1. krishnamurthy

    Mr. Ranjith, Namasthe, very nice place and thanks to you for the work you are doing

  2. uma

    Namasthe, it was nice to read and see all picture of the temple. I wish I could go there see the god get the blessings.

  3. Gurunandan

    Namasthe… nice to post this.. i have gone to this temple many times… its abt 15 km from dharmasthala…its believed (and i have always witnessed) that when ever u go there and offer something as naivedhya, u get some one with whom u can share it with… if not humans, Gou matha, monkey or dog and all the animals are welcome here… this is one of my fav temple… peacefull and sacred…

  4. Suchindrum Padmanabhan Potti

    Dear Sir,
    I belongs to Adka Family near Katpadi, Udupi. Please let me know that whether
    SOUTHADKA is also name of family or name of a place. I am a Thulu Brahmin
    living in Tamilnadu.

  5. Chithra

    @ Potti ji
    Southadka is the name of the place near Dharmasthala. There is no family by that name.

  6. Jayaprakasha N D

    *********OHM GANESHAYA NAMAHA*************
    Naanu 3 times visit madiddini.
    Ellarannu aakarshisuva prakruthi soundrarya alli thumbide.

    vry nc web detai……………….

    thanks to all

  7. ratnakar pai

    i am a regular visitor though i live in mumbai.Lord ganesha always blessed me and y family.This Lord is very pwerful,believe it to see.please bless us

  8. ani

    Am in dharmasthala, afer seeing this site. My heart, mind , soul is dragging me to go ans seek bleesing. I wish will not miss time .$

  9. Sumangala

    The southadka temple number given here is wrong. the correct number is – 08251202161

  10. Padmanabha Nayak

    Namaste,I am from Kokkada, now setteled down in Mangalore.We very often go to offer Panchakajjaya and pray Southadka MahaGanapathi .During our childhood there was no road. So we used to go walking in the middle of rice fields and trees which was fascinating.I believe that because of Lord Ganapathi,I could do my engineering in KREC (Now NIT), when there was no schools and colleges nearby.He has blessed me and our family. Due to His blessings my son did his MBA in US and settled down there.My daughter and her family are Euro citizens and settled down in UK.

    We must have faith in Him and He will take care of our problems-that is sure

  11. Venkatesh

    Ella Dharmastalada bhaktaadigaligu ondu suvarnaavakasha- Parameshwarana preethiya putrana darshana soubhagyavannu, manassige nemmadiyannu needuthade. Dayavittu ganapathiya prasadavada ruchikaravaada ootavannu mareyade sweekarisi. Ganapathiyu ellarigu sanmangalavannu, soubhagyavanu needali- Jai Ganesha

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  13. dayanand dhyani

    jagat guru
    jagat ke Swami
    jagat ke paalanhar
    Shri prabhupadha
    Shri mahaganpateh namah.

    alak niranjan bhay bhav bhanjan mein avinashi ghat ghat Vashi


  14. SWATHI

    Devine place. I HAVE VISITED THE PLACE TWICE IN LAST TWO YEARS WITH A PRAYER TO GOD TO FULFIL MY WISHES. On both occassion LORD HAS FULFILLED MY WISHES. Everyone when they get chance please visit the place. i am planning to go there every year.

  15. Neville

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    there is an online tool that creates high quality, google friendly articles in seconds, just type in google – laranitas free content source

  16. ananthbs

    it is very nice plase it is very powerfull temple i used to visit furquently

  17. Dayanand Dhyani

    satguru Shri sachidanand param brahm pramatmay mahaganpathe namah.
    tum puran pramatma tum antaryami paar brahm parmeshwar tum sabke swami.

    Kalyan ho.

  18. Veerabhadra

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I think this is Shivalli community website and not sure how these are temples related to one community page. Temples are public property and not belong to one single community. I felt it is really confusing for the readers as they think this is a government page/maintained by Temple management and post comments regarding Puja details.

    Thank You

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