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Ananathapura Lake Temple
Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple is a Hindu temple located in the middle of a lake in the Kasargod District of Kerala, South India, at around 4 km from Kumbala. This is the only lake temple in Kerala and is believed to be the original seat (Moolasthana) of Ananthapadmanabha Swami (Padmanabhaswamy temple) Thiruvananthapuram. Legend has it that this is the original site where Ananthapadmanabha settled down.

The temple premises are surrounded by lush green imageries. It is the seat of the deity Sri Padamanabha or Lord Vishnu who is shown to be resting on a serpent. After reaching Ananthapura Lake Temple. The temple’s lake is also home to a crocodile, called Babia who is supposed to be living in a nearby lake for the past six decades. This animal is considered a protector of the sacred temple. This single crocodile very well mingles with the human beings and it never harmed anyone. It takes only the sweet rice provided by the priest. The pond has got vareity of fishes. It is believed that there is a single crocodile in the lake and as one dies, its place is taken by another one, though there no other river or ponds near by. Every day after the ucchapooja (noon worship) , Babia is fed with the prasad (a kind of gruel made of rice and jaggery) offered by the devotees to the deity.

Legend linked with the crocodile :

According to a legend, once a devotee of Vishnu, Vilvamangalathu was doing penance(regret) for his deeds. Lord appeared before him in the guise of a boy and started disturbing him from his prayers. Enraged by child’s behavior, the devotee pushed him back. After this, the mysterious child disappeared in a cave; the saint realized his mistake. The cave into which Lord Vishnu had gone is still present and is protected by the crocodile since then.

Other attractions :

The Vishnu Idol is like sitting on top of Aadisesha. On each side there is “Boodevi” and “Shree Devi”, besides them Hanuman and Garuda worshiping the vigraha. At the back side there are two ” Devakaanya” fanning vishnu idol.

The original idols were prepared by a unique combination of several herbal plants, but were later replaced by metallic material. The temple welcomes its guests with open hands and no distinction is made on the basis of religion, caste or community. The shrine is surrounded by an enclosed verandah called Chuttambalam. The mural paintings on the walls of Ananthapura Lake Temple are going to mesmerize you. The legendary cave that is situated nearby opens in a pond; the water of this pond remains at the same level whatever be the climatic conditions.

The annual festival is celebrated in the second fortnight of April.

Shri AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy Lake Temple,

How to reach Ananthapura from Mangalore :
Mangalore to Kumble (also known as Kumbla) – 40 km. One can catch the Mangalore-Kasaragod bus to reach Kumble. From Kumble, take an auto to Ananthapura or catch a bus to Naikap (4 km from Kumble) and then get an auto from there.

Click here to view map.

  – Photos By Mahesha Elliadka

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  1. DEVI



    THANK YU…..

  2. K. N. ADIGA

    Lake temple- good pictures to enjoy.

    Good work from shivalli brahmins.

  3. Suchindrum Padmanabhan Potti

    Temples construction shows the culture of Kerala


    nice description… good work

  5. Madhava Rao P

    Really commendable job done by in depth study of religious roots! Thanks & I wish to see many more such articles.

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  7. IS N Murthy

    sir ,
    Kindly advise me in respect of the following doubts ..
    1) some body says that , this one is ahill top temple ..if so how many steps are there ..
    2) Can I hire a taxi from Kasargod to visit this temple & if it is available , to fulfil the hire — what are the other near by temples to be visited ,,
    3) As I am a Sr.citizen and having some ailment to climb steps — advise me alternative ..

    wish you all the best.. awiting reply

    with regards I S N murthy

  8. Balachandra

    @ Sri Murthy

    Directions are given in the above article. You can hire autorick or taxi from Kumble or Kasargod, whichever is convenient for you. It is not on hill-top.


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