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Temples of Kasargod Taluk

Here we have listed the Temples of Kasargod Taluk.

  1. Shri Madanamteshvara Temple, Madhur
  2. Shri Gopalakrishna Temple, Kumble
  3. Shri Umamaheshvara Temple, Delampadi
  4. Shri Umamaheshvara Temple, Narampadi
  5. Shri Parthasarathi Temple, Mujangavu
  6. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Bela
  7. Shri Mahalingeshvara Temple, Urdur
  8. Shri Panchalingeshvara Temple, Adur
  9. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Kuntaru
  10. Shri Mahavishnu Temple, Nellithattu
  11. Shri Vanadurga Temple, Kadumane
  12. Shri Durgaparameshvari Temple, Mundolu, Karadka
  13. Shri Shiva Temple, Kanattur
  14. Shri Udaneshwara Temple, Peradala
  15. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Kumaramangila
  16. Shri Narayana Temple, Narayanamangila
  17. Shri Mallikarjuna Temple, Kasaragodu
  18. Shri Durgaparameshvari Temple, Malla
  19. Shri Gopalakrishna Temple, Bolluru
  20. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Katukukke
  21. Shri Vishnumurthi Temple, Mandekolu
  22. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Muliyaru
  23. Shri Annapoorneshwari Temple, Agalpadi
  24. Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Nettanige
  25. Shri Subrahmanya Temple, Bandyadka
  26. Shri Alankudlu Mahalingeshwara Temple, Pundoor, Nekraje
  27. Sri Vishnumurthy Temple, Belluru (Kallerimoole)
  28. Shri Ananthapadmanabha temple, Anathapura
  29. Mahadeva Parvathi Shri Shastha Temple, Ubrangala
  30. Shri Durga Parameshwari Temple, Ballapadavu
  31. Shri Ananthapadmanabha temple, Anathapura
  32. Paika Shri Poomani Kinnimani Daivasthana, Nekraje
  33. Shri Kuthyala Gopala Krishna Temple, Shivamangala
  34. Shri Gudde Mahalingeshwara Temple, Sanna Kudlu
  35. Shri Vishnu Murthy Temple, Kadambar
  36. Shri Mahadeva Temple, Parakkila
  37. Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple,  Aila

49 Responses to Temples of Kasargod Taluk

  1. Veena Yadapadithaya

    I would like to mention one more temple
    Shri Alankudlu Mahalingeshwara Temple, Pundoor, Nekraje p.o., Kasaragod,
    which is run by the Punchithaya family.

  2. krishnamurthy

    There is one famous temple of ananthapadmanabha swamy in kasaragod is there,
    one crocodile also there.
    Please search and add in the list

  3. mohana punichithaya

    There is a Oldest Temple Near Kasaragod. It is Sri Mahadeva(Mahalingeshwara) Temple, Kudlu Kasaragod formerly it is run by Kotekunjathaya Family now it is run by Endowment. Archaka vrinda is belongs to Puninchathaya Family.

  4. mohana punichithaya

    Also there are many temples in kudlu village 1. Sri Mahavishnu Temple, Kaugoli, Sri Mahalingeswhara temple kaugoli, Sri. Mahavishnu temple, vishnumangala. formerly before paryaya the swamiji must take thirthasnana in chakratheertha is a part of this temple. Sri.Shiva Temple, Shivamangala, Goplakrishna Temple, Kuthyal, Sri. Mahadeva temple pulkuru and Sri. Shaileshwara Temple, Gange. These temples are run by tuluvas but archakavrinda from shivalli brahmin.

  5. Dr. Kishore Kumar Ubrangala

    2 temples in Ubrangala Village:
    Mahadeva Parvathi Sri Shastha Temple, Ubrangala
    Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple, Ballapadavu

    Trusties for above temples : Kunikullaya family

  6. Akshath Kumar


    You have missed Ananthapadmanabha temple, Anathapura

  7. Venugopal Kadambalithaya

    There was one ancient ruined temple of Sri Vishnumurthy at Belluru (Kallerimoole) which was re-built by Volesari (M.S.Kadambalithaya) and Aipanjiguly (Shankaranarayana Kadambalithaya & Ramakrishna Kadambalithaya) and Nitya Pooja was started about 40 years ago after Brahma Kalasha Mahotsava by Sri Kuntaru Subraya Tantri.

  8. Sridhar Volesari

    finally I noticed this

  9. K Kalyanaram

    Hi. I understand there is shrine for Lord Khadga Ravana within the temple premises of the Anandapadmanabha Temple. I believe it is in Hebri or Karkala. Not sure where it is. Is it in Karnataka or Kerala, or on the border? Is there a contact number for this temple? Please advise. Thank you.

  10. M A Acharya

    You can add seven ancient Durga Temples of undevided South Kanara District(Sapta Durga Kshetras) Kolluru- Mookambika, Polali-Rajarajeshwari, Bappanadu-Panchadurga, Kateelu-Jaladurga, Mundkur-Mahishamardini/ Annapoorneshwari,Belmannu-Vanadurga,and Kunjarugiri-Giridurga. For the brahmins belonging to Bhargava Gothra, Mundkur Durga Parameshwari is the Kuladevi(For details please visit the web page Mundkur)

  11. Rajesh Baladka


    You missed an olest temple in Nekraje village, Paika Shee Poomani Kinnimani Daivasthana,

  12. Dhyeya

    You missed many famous temples such as Kuthyala Gopala Krishna Temple,Shivamangala,Gudde Mahalingeshwara Temple,Sanna Kudlu,Kadambar Vishnu Murthy Temple,Parakkila Mahadeva Temple,etc.


  13. Anand Ail

    There is Shre Durgaparameshwari Temple at Aila. This is between Uppala and Kumble.

  14. Muraleekrishnan

    Kindly add MahavishnuTemple of Alinje and Durgaparameshwari Temple of Gosada ( both are in Kmbadaje Village.

  15. Shyama Bhat Kolari

    Please Add the names of the following temples of Neckraje village, Kasaragod Taluk, Kerala state:
    1. Sri Gopalakrishna Temple Neckraje
    2. Sri Durgaparameswari temple Neckraje managed by Neckraje family
    Shyama Bhat Kolari



  17. Prashanth

    Do any body know about MALLA Sri Satyanarayanaswamy temple??

    Please advice want to visit there.


  18. Gururaj mardhambail paika

    Hi kasaragod is very good place tuluva culture marvels malla durdaparameshwari temple is buetiful tulu yekshagana very nice thanks for all friends

  19. Jayaraj B Shetty [Vanande]

    Shiriya Shankaranarayana Temple between kumble and uppala near shiriya river, eastern side of NH-17.

  20. Aravinda

    Can you please add Subraya Subramanya) Temple (Putthige), Subramanya Temple in Mugu and Delampadi Temple, Kambaru Shiva Temple

  21. Kakkillaya

    Add SriMayangara Subramanyaa Temple at Bevinje, Near Chekala

  22. Dr.K.Krishnmaurthy

    Anantha padmanabha swami temple at Ananthapura where a live crocadile which lives in the tank surrounding the temple, feeding mainly on the prasadam offered is already in the list but it is not clear how to get the history of this temple ( Im mean Website or info). This temple must be seen and worshipped as the Idols are made up of ‘Kadu sarkara yogam’ after eloberate preparations res embling the anatomy of human body in the preparation. It is a unique temple.


    hI ALL


    Better to submit with document with literature and photographs to enable the concern to publish with documents.

    Really it is a good effort.


    Adiga K N Adoor

  24. santhosh kumar

    namskara E website anthnakuleg .

  25. n sharma

    Dear sir, in the above published list Sri Annapurneshewri temple at agalpady (si.no23) is need to be changed as Agalpady Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple instead of Annapurneshwari Temple.Lord Durgaraparameshwari is blessing the devotees and “anna danaam”at the temple is very popular. Sri Durgaparameshwari is being worshipped as Annapoorneshwari .Annual Festival,Navaratri,Kartika Pournami,Pratistha Dinam,Vishi,Ugadi and First Tuesday after Sankramana are the important events.

  26. Sunder Raj

    Om sai Ram,
    I wish everyone from Mangalore & surrounding areas, infact everyone to visit Anantha Padmanabha Swami temple at Ananthapura, just 4.5 Kms from Kumble. Many buses pass through Kumble via Mangalore-Kasargod route. Hire an Auto or take a local bus from Kumble bus stop to Naipau, from here u can either hire an Auto who will charge you Rs.15/- Or you can just walk down maximum 10 – 15 minutes. Beautiful & quite place & very nice Poojaries, who will explain you all about the temple. Try to be there by 12 noon to attend the pooja & thereafter you will be servered with Prasad ( Lunch) . If you are lucky you can also watch the crocodile who comes near the temple for taking his share of Prasad.

  27. Shwethashree.M

    There is one more temple near Perla, which is called as Shri Shasthara Subrahmanyeshwara Temple, Cherkabe. Please check on that and add in the list.

  28. prakash mn-Nandradi


    You have missed one more temple, mahaganapathi temple ichlangod.

  29. Vivek Kumble

    please add d following

    * Mujangavu temple,Naikapu


    Kuthyala Gopalakrishna temple is known for its great history of Yakshagana. Most of the senior Artist like Shri Sheni, Shri Sundara Rao, etc have tied their Gejje in this te mple. The Idol (murthi) of Sri krishna is having a baby in his hand. “Santhana Gopala Krishna”.

  31. Narayana Gosada

    famous temple Muchilotu Bhagavathi Temple(cluster of five temples) of Perne, soorambai, lSri Shankara Narayana temple Patheri, Gosada , Alinja Maha Vishnu Temple will also figure in the list

  32. Nagendra

    Can you Please let me know that which temple is the famous for remove witch, Because some one had witch to my cousin, So , We would like to visit and clear that, even i heard that Karnataka CM also visited many times in that temple

  33. L.Padmanabhan Potti

    Linguistic Minorities-Always Speak in Thulu Language-Development of Thulu Language

  34. vinod kumar m

    sree muchilot bagavathy temple perne

  35. M N Rao

    Alinja Shri Gopalakrishna Swami temple is an ancient temple established by the local kedilaya family was competely destryed by the vagaries of nature but was recently rennovated by the villagers. Located near Bolinje in Kumbdaje village, Peradala, it is accessible by road. From under the temple a cave runs along and no one is allowed to enter it. Being Krishna temple, childless couple are suggested to visit it.

  36. Mahesh S Nayak

    Namste to everybody

    Please let me know Shri Vishnu/ Rama/ Krishna temples in Kasarkod taluk in kerala with a pond in front of the temple. My cell No 9448023587

  37. Soorya Narayana G

    Find more temples here…


  38. M N Rao

    Shri Gopalakrishna temple, Alinje, Kumbadaje;
    Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple, Gosada, kumbadaje,

  39. Krishnaraj

    Please add Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Badaje Village, Manjeshwara

  40. yashwanth shetty


    Kindly add : Sri Shankara Narayana Temple, Koliyoor. more information: http://wikimapia.org/612349/Sri-Shankara-Narayana-Temple-Koliyoor

  41. Vishwesh Ballakuraya

    Add one more famous temple
    Sri Trimbakeshwar Temple, Trikkannad, P.O Bekal, Kasaragod.

    The Trikkannad Trimbakeshwar(Shiva) Temple is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is situated at a radius of 1 kilometer from the renowned Bekal Bridge. The location of this temple is unique and it provides the worshippers an opportunity to make their appeal to God. It is said that all the appeals are granted here by the Almighty.As per the legends once a Pandyan ruler tried to attack the Shiva temple and the reigning deity of this temple set fire to his ship and turned him into a rock. In this rock the famous Trikkannad Siva Temple is located. This temple is also known as Dakshina Kashi.

  42. P.V.Anilkumar,O.N.G.C-M.R.P.L.,Mangalore

    Good to see quite a few responses. However, I could not find mentioning of Thalakalayi Subramanya Temple.

  43. subramanya

    One more temple to add is “Shri Mahavishnu Temple, Kajamale Uppangala” in Kumbdaje village Kasaragod. This is an old temple which and very powerful God “Mahavishnu” is blessing the people of this village. This needs the support from public for renovating the Gopura. Appreciate the whole hearted support from Bhakthadi’s with THANU, MANA and DHANA for this good cause.

  44. Bhadra

    I would like to know, is there any ruined temple in Kasaragod-wayanad border which is mainly dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali/Rakhta Chamundi/ Raketheswari, along with Hanuman and Laxmi Narayanan.

  45. Ramesh

    2 more temples in Perla – Bajakudlu Sri Mahalingeshwara kshethra & Sri Durgaparameshwari Kshetra Idiyadka

  46. Subrahmanya

    Can you add another important temple located at Kajamale? Temple name is Shri. Mahavishnu temple. Kajamale.

    This is located at Kajamale after Marpanadka bus stop on Naramady-Yethadka road


    Some more information on the subject is that all the 37 temples noted above are not managed/run/belong to Shivalli Brahmin community. For example, Agalpady Sri Durga Parameshawari Temple (wrongly indicated as Annapoorneshwari Temple (vide Sl. No.23), Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple, Mall (vide Sl.No.18), Sri Umamaheshwara Temple-Narampadi (vide Sl.No.4), Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple-Ballapadavu are managed by Karhada Brahmin community.

    Also, Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kunjirkana, near Cherkala, Tire Temple, both managed by Karhada Brahmin community are very known temples of the region.

  48. SHRIKRISHNA Udthye

    The temple at Alinja, kumbadaje village,kasaragod taluk is lord Mahavishnu temple and is now renovated and has one day balivadu koota and bhootabali utsava in the month of February. This mahavishnu temple and poomani kinnimani daivasthana at bolinja May be uploaded in list of temples of tulunad

  49. Dr. Kishore Kumar Ubrangala

    Regarding Mr Vishnu Bhat’s Comments:
    Shri. Kudkuli Durgaparameshwari temple, Ballapadavu – is not managed by Karhada Brahmins. We – Kunikullaya family – very much SHIVALLI brahmins – are the trustees of the temple.

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