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Seemanthooru Shri Adi Janardana Temple
Shri Adi Janardana

Shri Adi Janardana

Seemanthooru is a small village near Mulki, close to the Mangalore – Udupi Highway. The village is close to the Mulki railway station. The name Seemanthooru is an offshoot of “Shrimantara Ooru” which means “land of the rich people!”. Seemanthooru was indeed the land of the rich people.

Seemanthooru has a Janardana temple. It is known as the Sri Adi Janardana Devasthana. It has a very interesting story behind why the temple is called as “Adi” Janardana temple.

History: The Seemanthooru Janardana temple was established by Bhagawan Parashurama. It is one of the several temples in the Tulu Nadu region that was established by Parashurama. According to Shastras, temple idols established by Rishis and Aparoksha Gnanis (realized souls) never get “damaged”. A few hundred years ago, the idol of Janardana was damaged. A few villagers got together and made a new idol and established the same, after which the temple and village declined. Upon enquiring with scholars, it emerged that the original idol still has the full Sannidhana and hence the problem. The idol was repaired and placed back. The original idol is now known as “Adi Janardana” and the new idol is also within the same temple. Hence this unique temple has two Janardana idols!

Another unique feature of this temple is that it is one of the very few temples in Tulu Nadu that does not have a Ganapati idol! Seemanthooru Janardana is the “Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka” and hence there is no other idol! But several Vishnu temples in Tulu Nadu do have Ganapati idols and hence Seemanthooru is really different.

Location: Seemanthooru, Mulki, Dakshina Kannada.

Main deities: Adi Janardana, Janardana

Bhutas: Rakteshwari

Address: Sri Adi Janardana Temple, Shimanthur, Post Panjinadka – 574 195, Mulky, D.K

Telephone: 0824 – 2294745

How to get there: From Mangalore, reach Mulki using the Udupi highway and then turn right towards Kinnigoli.  About 2kms later, you will find a temple arch. Turn left and travel 1km.

Annual festival: For 6 days starting Kumbha Masa Saptami (late February – early March)

– By Hariprasad Nellitheertha

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  1. srinivasan ramarao


    Thanks for the rare informations. When we are visiting we note to visit the place to get the blessings of Lord Janardhana. Dhanyavadagalu

  2. Suchindrum L.Padmanabhan Potti

    Photos are explaining history of Temples

  3. Santhosh

    Thanks for beutiful photos

  4. Vishwanath Rao

    Respected Sir

    I found this website is giving all the information of shivalli brahmins and also details of most of the unseen temples of Tulunadu. I appriciate your work and wish you all the best in the future.

  5. M.Sarvotham Anchan

    E devasthanavu ithara devasthanagalige maadariyada dharmika samsthe
    illiya adalitheya sadasyaru devasthanakke maatravalla deshakke maadariyagi aadalithe nadesutiddare.ee devasthanada parisaradlli bank ,post office, parishudda gaali,uttama mattada rasthe haagu olleya manassina janaru illiddare.illi bandare bere devasthanada adalitheyavaru kaliyabekaada aneka vishaya ede.maadariyagiruva nimma sudarana kelasagalu saagali. haareikegalu. M.Sarvotham Anchan
    Correspondent Udayavni Daily

  6. rammohan

    Thanks for Information Uploaded . Please update the photos also

  7. rammohan

    Thanks for Information Uploaded . Please update the photos also for all temples

  8. Manikanta

    I am very happy to know about our kuladevaru. Shri adi janardhana swamy. Thanq very much

    Keep it up

  9. Rashali shetty

    Thanks for giving the information about our kuldevaru …..I belong to shimanthoor bava family

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