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Shri Adamaaru Matha
Adamaru  Matha - Kaliya Mardana Krishna

Adamaru Matha - Kaliya Mardana Krishna

Sri Adamaru maTha is second in the hierarchy of aShTa maThas. The name is derived from the village Adamaru in Udupi district, where there is a branch of this MaTha. The first pontiff of this maTha is Sri Narasimha Teertha (also called Narahari Teertha), one of the direct disciples of Sri Madhwacharya.

The deity worshiped in this maTha is Kaleeyamardana Sri Krishna with four hands. The icon depicts Lord Krishna with one leg on the serpent and with the other leg lifted up in a dancing pose. One hand is bent in a dancing pose and the other is holding the tail of the serpent. The other two hands hold the conch and the chakra.

Yati parampare:

  1. Sri Narasimha (Narahari) Teertha
  2. Sri Kamalekshana Teertha
  3. Sri Ramachandra Teertha
  4. Sri Vidyadhisha Teertha
  5. Sri Vishvapati Teertha
  6. Sri Vishvesha Teertha
  7. Sri Vedanidhi Teertha
  8. Sri Vedaraja Teertha
  9. Sri Vidyamurthi Teertha
  10. Sri Vaikuntharaja Teertha
  11. Sri Vishvaraja Teertha
  12. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
  13. Sri Hiranyagarbha Teertha
  14. Sri Vishvadhisha Teertha
  15. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha
  16. Sri Vishvendra Teertha
  17. Sri Vidyapathi Teertha
  18. Sri Vibudhapati Teertha
  19. Sri Vedavallabha Teertha
  20. Sri Vedavandya Teertha
  21. Sri Vidyesha Teertha
  22. Sri Vibudhavallabha Teertha
  23. Sri Vibudhavandya Teertha
  24. Sri Vibudhavarya Teertha
  25. Sri Vibudhendra Teertha
  26. Sri Vibudhadhiraja Teertha
  27. Sri Vibudhapriya Teertha
  28. Sri VibudhamanyaTeertha
  29. Sri Vibudhesha Teertha
  30. Sri VishwapriyaTeertha

Present yati Sri Vishwapriya Teertha:

Born: 30 June 1958
Place: Putthige
Purvashrama name: Raghavendra Mucchinttaya
Father: Gururaj Mucchinttaya
Mother: Lakshmi
Upanayana: at Tirumala in 1966.
Sanyaasa: 1 June 1972
Guru: Sri Vibudhesha Teertha and Sri Vidyamanya Teertha

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