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Sri Bandarakeri MaTha

Besides the 8 maThas of Udupi, there are two more maThas coming under the category of tauLava maThas (from the tulu-speaking belt). One is Sri Bandarakeri maTha, which is headquartered at BARKUR in Udupi district.

Sri Bandarakeri maTha traces its origin from Sri Achyutha prajna, and then through Sri Madhwacharya and Sri Sathya teertha. The same maTha is said to have bifurcated into Sri Bheemana kaTTe maTha (of Theerthahalli taluk).

Yati parampara:

  1. Sri Achyuta prajna
  2. Sri Poorna prajna
  3. Sri Satya teertha
  4. Sri Satyavrata teertha
  5. Sri Vishwadeesha teertha
  6. Sri Gadhadhara teertha
  7. Sri Vedanta teertha
  8. Sri Vidyadheesha teertha
  9. Sri Vishwamurti teertha
  10. Sri Raghuvedanta teertha
  11. Sri Raghunatha teertha
  12. Sri Hiranyagarbha teertha
  13. Sri Raghuvara teertha
  14. Sri Damodara teertha
  15. Sri Raghuvallabha teertha
  16. Sri Surottama teertha
  17. Sri Vishwottama teertha
  18. Sri Rajadhiraja teertha
  19. Sri Raghavendra teertha
  20. Sri Raghubhushana teertha
  21. Sri Raghuvarya teertha
  22. Sri Raghupungava teertha
  23. Sri Raghuvarya teertha
  24. Sri Raghuraja teertha
  25. Sri Rajavandya teertha
  26. Sri Vidyaraja teertha
  27. Sri Vidyadhiraja teertha
  28. Sri Vidyasagara teertha
  29. Sri Vidyapati teertha
  30. Sri Vidyanidhi teertha
  31. Sri Vidyarnava teertha
  32. Sri Vidyamanya teertha (succeeded to Sri Palimar mutt)
  33. Sri Vidyesha teertha (present yati)

The 32nd peeThAdhipati Sri Vidyamanya teertharu was a great scholar. He is the Guru of:-
Sri Vishwesha teertha (of Pejavar maTha),
Sri Vidyadeesha teertha (of Palimaru maTha),
Sri Vishwapriya teertha (of Admaru maTha),
Sri Sugunendra teertha (of Puttige maTha),
Sri Vidyesha teertha (of Bandarakeri maTha)
and Sri Bannanje Govindacharya.

3 Responses to Sri Bandarakeri MaTha

  1. Shobha Bhat

    Does Dalkudru matha come under Shivalli Brahmin mathas

  2. Shobha Bhat

    Does Balkudru matha come under Shivalli Brahmin mathas

  3. Balachandra

    Sri Balekudru maTha follows the Adwaita tradition and has followers among Shivalli Smatha Brahmins.

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