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Sri Kukke Subrahmanya maTha

Sri Subrahmanya maTha (also called sampuTa narasimha maTha) is situated to the southeast of the outer quadrangle of Kukke Subrahmanya Temple (Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka). This maTha was established by Sri Madhwacharya himself. He appointed his poorvashrama younger brother Sri Vishnu teertha as the first peeThAdhipati of this maTha.

SampuTa Narasimha

Sri Narasimha - Subrahmanya Matha

Sri Narasimha - Subrahmanya Matha

When Sri Madhvacharya visited Badarinath, he was presented eight saligrama shilas known as ‘Vyasa mushti’, by Sri Vedavyasa devaru. Six of these saligramas are presently being worshipped in this maTha.

Along with the Vyasamushtis, Sri Vedavyasa devaru also gave Madhva a Narasimha saligrama, which is said to be very powerful. Madhvacharya placed this Narasimha saligrama in a box (sampuTa), along with 22 Lakshmi Narayana shilas and 5 Vyasamushti shilas. (only one Vyasamushti shila is worshipped outside the box)

Although the Narasimha saligrama is worshipped daily, it is always kept inside the box, except for bathing. Only the maThAdhipati of this maTha can open this box and touch the saligrama inside. Nobody else is allowed to see this Deity. If the peeThAdhipati of the maTha becomes sick, then on those days only the pooja rights of this saligrama goes to the swamiji of Sri Pejavara maTha in Udupi.

The first maThAdhipati Sri Vishnu teertha is said to be still residing in the forests in Kumara hills nearby where he is performing tapas. He sometimes returns to the maTha to perform puja to the Samputa Narasimha. Many devotees have heard the sound of bells inside the garbha-griha late at night when the temple is locked !

The second maThAdhipati of this maTha was Sri Aniruddha teertha (also a direct disciple of Sri Madhwacharya). During his time, King Ballala Raya of the Hoysala Dynasty stole the box containing the Narasimha saligrama.

Desiring to see the Deity, he hired four blacksmiths to forcibly open the box. Unfortunately, when they tried, they all died on the spot. The king also tried to open the box by having an elephant stand on it – the result was that the elephant also died immediately.

Sri Vidyaaprasanna Teertharu - Subrahmanya Matha

Sri Vidyaaprasanna Teertharu - Subrahmanya Matha

Because of this great offense, King Ballala Raya felt a great burning sensation within his body, and it was only when he returned the Samputa Narasimha to Sri Aniruddha teertha and obtained his blessings that he was relieved from his malady.

(In the compound of the Subrahmanya temple there is a statue of King Ballala Raya which commemorates this incident. Pilgrims offer him cotton, mustard, butter and pumpkin to cool his body down.)

It is also believed that Sri Vishnu teertha had in fact carried the Samputa Narasimha saligrama (with the box) along with him to the forests, and sent back the same through the Kumara Dhaara river, upon request by Sri Aniruddha teertha.

Along with the saligamas, there are a number of other Deities, which belonged to previous pontiffs of the maTha, including a Laksmi-Narasimha Deity and Deities of Vittala, Rukmini and Satyabhama.

The present maThAdhipati is Sri Vidyaprasanna teertha swamiji, and he runs an educational institution at a place called biLinele.


  1. Sri Vishnu Teertharu
  2. Sri Aniruddha Teertharu
  3. Sri Varaaha Teertharu
  4. Sri Vaageesha Teertharu
  5. Sri Vishwesha Teertharu
  6. Sri Venkatesha Teertharu
  7. Sri Vakyadheesha Teertharu
  8. Sri Vidyaapathi Teertharu
  9. Sri Vaasudeva Teertharu
  10. Sri Vaamana Teertharu
  11. Sri Vedavyaasa Teertharu
  12. Sri Vaikuntavallabha Teertharu
  13. Sri Vijnaana Teertharu
  14. Sri Vimalathma Teertharu
  15. Sri Vibhudhesha Teertharu
  16. Sri Vedagarbha Teertharu
  17. Sri Vedapoojya Teertharu
  18. Sri Vedesha Teertharu
  19. Sri Vidyaadhiraaja Teertharu
  20. Sri Varadaraaja Teertharu
  21. Sri Varadesha Teertharu
  22. Sri Vidyaanidhi Teertharu
  23. Sri Vedaanthanidhi Teertharu
  24. Sri Vidyaadhipathi Teertharu
  25. Sri Vishwapooja Teertharu
  26. Sri Vishwavanddya Teertharu
  27. Sri Vishwaadhipathi Teertharu
  28. Sri Vishwapathi Teertharu
  29. Sri Vishwaadheesha Teertharu
  30. Sri Vidhyadheesha Teertharu
  31. Sri Vidhyaavallabha Teertharu
  32. Sri Vedaraaja Teertharu
  33. Sri Vidyaaraaja Teertharu
  34. Sri Vidyaapoorna Teertharu
  35. Sri Vyasa Teertharu
  36. Sri Vishwaanja Teertharu
  37. Sri Vidyaasindhu Teertharu
  38. Sri Vidhyabhooshana Teertharu
  39. Sri Vidyaaprasanna Teertharu

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  1. krishnamurthy

    namasthe. wonderfull information .Being from same place i was little aware of this. our life started from sri viswajna theertharu.
    sarvejana sukhino bhavanthu

  2. S Vishnu C P Lokaachaariya

    wonderful information i like tono more details on th charitable organisations of Sri Swamji

  3. narayanan kadathamana

    a very beautiful place. I had visited this place

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