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Sri Pejavara MaTha
Pejavara Matha - Sri Vittala

Pejavara Matha - Sri Vittala

Sri Pejavara maTha is the last in the list of Udupi aShTa maThas. It derives its name from the village Pejavara where there is the original branch of this maTha.

The first peeThAdhipati of this maTha is Sri Adhokshaja teertha who was one of the direct disciples of Acharya Madhwa. He received the icon of Sri ViThala with SridEvi and BhUdEvi from Madhwacharya. An icon of Sri Rama is also worshipped here along with the main icon. This tradition was started by Sri Vijayadhwaja teertha.


1. Sri Adhokshaja teertha
2. Sri Kamalaksha teertha
3. Sri Pushkaraksha teertha
4. Sri Amarendra teertha
5. Sri Mahendra teertha
6. Sri Vijayadhvaja teertha
7. Sri Uttama teertha
8. Sri Chintamani teertha
9. Sri Damodara teertha
10. Sri Vasudeva teertha
11. Sri Vadindra teertha
12. Sri Vedagarbha teertha
13. Sri Vishvaprajna teertha
14. Sri Vijaya teertha
15. Sri Vishvavijaya teertha
16. Sri Vishveshwara teertha
17. Sri Vishvabhushana teertha
18. Sri Vishvavandya teertha
19. Sri Vidyaraja teertha
20. Sri Vishvamurthy teertha
21. Sri Vishvapathi teertha
22. Sri Vishvanidhi teertha
23. Sri Vishvadhisha teertha
24. Sri Vishvadhiraja teertha
25. Sri Vishvabodha teertha
26. Sri Vishvavallabha teertha
27. Sri Vishvapriya teertha
28. Sri Vishvavarya teertha
29. Sri Vishvaraja teertha
30. Sri Vishvamanohara teertha
31. Sri Vishvajna teertha
32. Sri Vishvamanya teertha
33. Sri Vishvesha teertha (present, senior)
34. Sri Vishvaprasanna teertha (present, junior)

3 Responses to Sri Pejavara MaTha

  1. naharajan.n

    From tamilnadu who also born here as a shivalya brahmin it is useful to me and my family to know about our race ,orgin of tulunadu.

  2. narayanan kadathamana

    i had an occation to visit this place also.

  3. umesh Adiga

    Do you have matha for for people who visits Sri Pashupathinatrha temple,Katmandu,Nepal

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