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Sri Sode MaTha
Sode Matha - Sri Bhuvaraha

Sode Matha - Sri Bhuvaraha

The 6th maTha among the Udupi aShTa maThas is the Sode maTha. Two great yatis of all times have adorned the peeTha of this maTha. They are Sri Vishnu teertha and Sri Vadiraja teertha.

Sri Vishnu teertha was the first peeThAdhipati of Sode maTha. He was the younger brother of Sri Madhwacharya in poorvAshrama. He is still said to be alive and performing tapasya at the Kumaradri hills near Kukke Subrahmanya. In distant future he is supposed to revive the Tatvavaada philosophy once again, which by then would have become extinct. For this same purpose Sri Madhwacharya is believed to have preserved his sarvamoola granthas on copper plates, and buried them in a place called Kadtila or Setutila. Incidentally, Sri Vishnu teertha is also the founder of Kukke Subrahmanya maTha.

Sri Sode maTha is unique amongst the Udupi aShTa maThas in the sense that its headquarter is situated at a place called Sode in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka, whereas all the remaining 7 maThas have their headquarters in Udupi district itself. Interestingly, this maTha was originally known by the name KumbhAshi maTha, with main branch at KumbhAshi near Udupi. (Sri Vadiraja teertha’s birth place Huvinakere is very near to KumbhAshi.) But during the time of Sri Vadiraja, the main branch of this maTha got shifted to Sode, and then onwards it came to be known as Sode maTha.

Sode maTha - Sri Hayagreeva

Sode maTha - Sri Hayagreeva

The main deity of Sode maTha is Sri BhUvarAha, presented to Sri Vishnu teertha by Sri Madhwacharya himself. This idol is known for its beautiful iconography with one thigh of VarAha supporting BhUdEvi, and another leg on the hood of a serpent. Along with this idol, the idol of Lord Hayagreeva is also worshiped in this maTha, which was presented by a local goldsmith to Sri Vadiraja.

Yati parampara:

  1. Sri Vishnu Tirtha
  2. Sri Vedavyasa Tirtha
  3. Sri Vedavedya Tirtha
  4. Sri Vedagarbha Tirtha
  5. Sri Vareesha Tirtha
  6. Sri Vamana Tirtha
  7. Sri Vasudeva Tirtha
  8. Sri Vedavyasa Tirtha
  9. Sri Varaha Tirtha
  10. Sri Vedatma Tirtha
  11. Sri Vishvavandya Tirtha
  12. Sri Ratnagarbha Tirtha
  13. Sri Vedanga Tirtha
  14. Sri Vidyapati Tirtha
  15. Sri Vishvavandya Tirtha
  16. Sri Vishva Tirtha
  17. Sri Vithala Tirtha
  18. Sri Varadaraja Tirtha
  19. Sri Vagisha Tirtha
  20. Sri Vadiraja Tirtha
  21. Sri Vedavedya Tirtha
  22. Sri Vidyanidhi Tirtha
  23. Sri Vedanidhi Tirtha
  24. Sri Varadaraja Tirtha
  25. Sri Vishvadhirajendra Tirtha
  26. Sri Vadivandya Tirtha
  27. Sri Vishvavandya Tirtha
  28. Sri Vibudhaavarya Tirtha
  29. Sri Vishvanidhi Tirtha
  30. Sri Vishvadhisha Tirtha
  31. Sri Vishvesha Tirtha
  32. Sri Vishvapriya Tirtha
  33. Sri Vishvadhisha Tirtha
  34. Sri Vishvendra Tirtha
  35. Sri Vishvottama Tirtha
  36. Sri Vishvavallabha Tirtha (present)

The 35th pontiff in the lineage was Sri Vishvottama teertha swamiji. He was born in 1934, and took sanyasa ashrama in 1943 at the age of 9 years. He conducted four paryayas during the years 1948-49, 1964-65, 1980-81 and 1996-97. He initiated Sri Vishwavallabha teertha as his junior swamiji in the year 2006, and passed away on 18 August 2007 when he was 73 years of age.

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  1. ramamohan

    please let me know the achivements & life history regarding saint vadiraja

  2. Balachandra

    @ Sri Ramamohan
    Please check under “Great Acharyas” section.

  3. Surya

    Are there any granthas written by sri Vishnu tirtha?

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