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Bhagavadgeeta Verse 3.36

अर्जुन उवाच :-

अथ कॆन प्रयुक्तः अयं पापं चरति पुरुषः ।
अनिच्छन् अपि वार्ष्णॆय बलात् इव नियॊजितः ॥ ३.३६ ॥

ಅರ್ಜುನ ಉವಾಚ :-

ಅಥ ಕೇನ ಪ್ರಯುಕ್ತಃ ಅಯಂ ಪಾಪಂ ಚರತಿ ಪುರುಷಃ |
ಅನಿಚ್ಛನ್ ಅಪಿ ವಾರ್ಷ್ಣೇಯ ಬಲಾತ್ ಇವ ನಿಯೋಜಿತಃ || ೩.೩೬ ||

arjuna uvAcha :-

atha kEna prayuktaH ayaM pApaM charati puruShaH |
anicChan api vArShNEya balAt iva niyOjitaH || 3.36 ||

Arjuna says: O Varshneya, then impelled by whom does the person commit sin, unwilling though he be, as if he were constrained by force?

What is the force next to the Lord and the gods that impels man to action, especially the evil action? Which is it that is so strong as to overwhelm him and hurry him into evil ways?

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