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Udupi Madhwa Brahmana Sabha, Kerala

It was in 1976, the “UDUPI MADHWA BRAHMANA SABHA” (Formerly “ALL KERALA TULU BRAHMINS’ FEDERATION”) came into existence at Tripunithura. The Central Organisation was inaugurated and blessed by H.H. Shri Viswesa Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt in 1976 and the First President was its Founding Father, late Shri K. Bhima Bhattar. He was later elevated to the position of Chief Patron of the Sabha, by Poojya Pejawar Mutt Swamiji.

The Central Organization, AKTBF commenced its activities with only 3 branches or Units in the first instance, but later on developed itself with 13 Units in Kerala and Tamilnadu along with their Sub-Units in various places, with a membership of nearly 3 lakhs. This organization has been extending its welfare activities to its members and their family on almost all important fields. Some are furnished below:

  1. Monthly pension to aged, helpless and unsupported members.
  2. Scholarships for higher education to children of members, who are economically backward.
  3. Financial assistance to the marriages of daughters of the members who are economically weak and helpless.
  4. Old-age pension to helpless artists of our community.
  5. Financial one-time assistance to patients, who are suffering from serious illness.
  6. “Veda Mantra Sikshana Sibirams” to preserve our culture and heredity.
  7. Awards to Units and members for their service to the welfare of their members and family.

Some of the programmes under proposal of the Central Organisation are furnished below:-

  1. Office Building and Temple Complex in the land purchased by the Centre at Tripunithura.
  2. “Veda Vidya Peetom” patronised by H.H. Shri Viswesa Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt at the land at Tripunithura purchased for the purpose.
  3. A Cultural Museum and Heritage Library.
  4. Educational Institutions for Higher Modern Technological Education.
  5. A Community Hall and Old Age Home.
  6. Small Scale Industrial Units to women of our community.

The Udupi Madhwa Brahmana Sabha has also decided to approach the State and Central Governments to redress their long-standing grievances on a priority basis. Some of the resolutions passed in the Annual General Body meeting held on 16-11-2003 at Kochi are given below:-

  1. The Central Organization will constitute a Separate Wing to take up the issue of Santhikars who are membership of our community to redress their grievances in service conditions.
  2. Nearly 3 lakh Tulu speaking members of our community are living in Kerala. But the Government of Kerala inspite of promises, has not recognised them as a Linguistic minority and grant them seperate quota in Education and Employment.
  3. Sealing them as “Upperclass”, the Udupi Brahmins are denied with reservation in education, employment and other fields. This should be rectified immediately by way of amending the existing reservation system.
  4. Government of India should include Tulu Language in the 14th Chapter.

Contact Details:


Shri. B. Girirajan
C/o Bhima Jewellers
Intercity Arcade, Jaffarkhan Colony Road
Kozhikode – 673 004
Kerala, INDIA

Tel: +91-495-2726161, 2720853
Fax: +91-495-2725046
Email: bhima@vsnl.com

General Secretary:

Shri. S. Narayanan, M.A., M.L.
Panakkaparambu Madom
Maradu – 682 304
Kerala, INDIA

Tel: +91-484-2301354

64 Responses to Udupi Madhwa Brahmana Sabha, Kerala

  1. venugopal

    i want to know any uttaradi/sri raghavendra mutt/udapi mutt in and around trivandrum

  2. Srimushnam K Nagarajan

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    “Universal On line Matrimonial Service exclusively for MADHWA Brahmans. Kannada, Marathi & Tulu.(Estd.in 2009)”By the Grace of Almighty and Divine blessing of our beloved Gurugalu 1900+ Alliances settled so far since from Inception.
    Organiser : Srimushnam K.NAGARAJAN.
    To register,Bride/Bridegroom in our successful center, send your e-mail ID by SMS To Mob : 09444469340 or by mail

  3. Sridhar Murthy

    Kindly let us know any raghavendra swamy mutt near Ananthapadmanabhan Temple, Trivandrum.

    Sridhar Murthy.

  4. Shreeram

    Raghavendra mutt is not there.but sri raghavendra mritika brindavana is there inside sri hanuman temple.its located near sri anantha padmanabha swamy temple. The temple is called as pothymar hanuman temple.its managed by tulu brahmins.


  5. Sridhar Murthy

    Dear Shreeram,

    Thanks for your information, we are madhwas are visiting trivandrum on 26.01.2017 we want know whether any madhwa community/madhwa sangha is there to arrange to theertha prasadam, If there, kindly call me in this no. 9880577797 so that I can deposit the amount their account well in advance. (Total 22 Members)

    Hope you will help us in this matter

  6. Suchindra Mailwar

    Dear Sridhar Murthy avare, I’m in Trivandrum now and there is no facility available in this madhwa Mutt. In fact it is hard to find it as well as the location is little interior. I would suggest to better book some choultry and cook food for yourself. Not anywhere near any math is available. Even in Kanyakumari I doubt there is facility for tirtha Prasada for Brahmins separately.


    If there is a will,there is a way.
    Madhwa samajam temple and the mutt is right in the city.3 kms from railway station.Those who come by their own vehicle can reach this place easiy.ask for sreevaram.On the sannidhi street on the east side the samajam building temple and medium size arrangements are there.
    There are different committees.The diety is Hanumantha devaru/prana devaru. Our original acharya has visited the precincts.
    You may get in touch with Secretary/convener and enquire whether they can help you.
    Note that there is no regular arrangement for feeding on ordinary normal days.
    The priest stays nearby only.
    You may have to foot the bill.
    It is a sacred place.
    contact temple and use this number.BAP SARMA: 8589985292
    Who can speak english and may not in Kannada.
    If response is not favourable please assume that we have scope to improve.


    The location is Sreevaraham! Madhwa samajam is on the east side of famous Sreevaraham temple.This is hardly one kilometer from padmanabha swamy temple.

  9. Suchindra Mailwar

    Ok, take the advice from Shri Krishna Rao. If that is working that’s brilliant otherwise you can come to Kanyakumari where there is Palimaru math. Here is the number 04652-291402, +918056398147.

    I had been to Trivandrum Madhwa math but as noted in the above comment they said there is no facility for teertha Prasada or snana as well.

  10. Suchindra Mailwar

    Contact both and decide on whichever is feasible.


  11. Sandesh

    Hello all,

    We family planning to visit Trivandrum next month (March end). Please let us know the best accommodation for Madhwa brahmins.
    I tried reaching the number of BAP Sarma given by Krishna Rao, but it not a valid number saying.
    Please help us to accommodate.

  12. Hrishikesha

    Hi Sandesh,
    As far as I know there are no accommodations available in trivandrum for Madhwas.But you can get down in Pejawar mutt in Ernakulam.You can get accommodations and theertha prasada.From Ernakulam to trivandrum it’s around 180KM.
    Pejawar Mutt contact : SHRI HANUMAN KOVIL,ERNAKULAM


    BAP Sharma’s phone number is correct.You may add 91 initially.
    You can contact Laxmeesha Bhatta Chief Priest of Ernakulam Madhwa samajaam.MG road.They may guide you.At tripunithura also u may avail facility. Near main siva temple there is a madhwa hanumath temple run by Madhwas.


    At exist; Ernakulam pur vegetarian hotels with good lodging facility run by Madhwa members.
    Bharat Tourist Home,
    Maruthi vilas,
    etc etc
    At trivendrum H0tel Angiras may be of use to you.

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