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Shivalli Brahmins” form a prominent community that lives on the western coast, the Parshurama Sristi, in the state of Karnataka in India. The word “Shivalli” is an ancient name in Udupi district, which means “Brahmins of this district”. This community has a population of approximately 20 lakhs, now found all over the world. There are hundreds of sub sects under Shivalli Brahmins, each of which follows the legacy of one of the mathas. A noticeable fact here is that many of the great tulu epics written in the 12th and 13th centuries, such as Sribhagavato, Mahabharato, Kaveri, Devimahatme, etc. are in the Shivalli Tulu language. Even though the language, culture, achievements and history of Shivalli Brahmins have been discussed in many books, they have not yet found a place in the modern electronic media.

In this context, this website on Shivalli Brahmins has been established with many dreams. Through this website we wish to communicate about Shivalli Tulu language, literature, religious and cultural matters, provide matrimonial services, etc. We wish to bring together all Shivalli Brahmins residing in different parts of the world, through meaningful discussions about their traditions, on this website.

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YajnOpaveeta and upAkarma

Why should we wear yajnOpaveeta? YajnOpaveeta is the sacred thread that represents deeksha to perform vEdic rituals. Man belonging to the first three varNas (brAhmaNa, kShatriya and vaishya) has vEdAdhikAra. He can perform sandhyAvandana, gAyatri japa, agni kArya and the like and can also perform vEdAdhyayana. The pre-requisite to all this is the formal initiation […]